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I feel 740-750 is good for me. I have tried 780 and just seem too wide. I'm 5"10.

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I got this after jumping on the bandwagon and I can say it was worth it. Went from the 2x 10 with a chain guide to a 1x10 with an extended 42 tooth cog on the back. I have only drop the chain once and I think its because I accidentally back pedaled while going over a huge log. I have had 75% less fuss with my new set up and love this chainring.

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Just as a regular ole jo. I have been back and forth between both for years. I have never found a differences as far as efficiency with the right combination of pedals and shoes. I use clipless now and the only benefit I found is like you said Mike.. high explosive acceleration. Also, I can pedal through rocky and rooty terrain without having to worry about slipping off. With even 510s and nice flat pedals I would find myself coasting a lot more in sections. I have broken strava records with clipless probably for that reason alone, being able to pedal more but I also don't know how to flow like a pro. I am just a casual weekend warrior.

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Good review.. I had this helmet for a while but I had to get rid of it for the reason it only comes in 2 sizes. I wear a small helmet. Yes, the pads made it a great fit but because you had all that extra padding in there, my sunglasses never fit right and always got caught in the cracks of the extra padding. Also, my goggles never touched my face due to the helmet being made for a person of a medium size head to wear. This became quit annoying as I wear goggles every time I ride. From my personal experience, I would say only buy this helmet if you wear a medium or XL. Having to use the sizing pads don't go well if you want to wear sunglasses or goggles. Overall great concept but they need more sizes.

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Aaron Gwin 4:32.41
Rachel Atherton 5:16.32

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OMGZ cant wait till tomorrow when i get there and get to ride.

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I ended up buying this cuz of this review.. Sadly I just lost it but I now have enough flexibility back in my wrist that I don't really need it. I can say that it is well supported, fits great over your gloves and is comfy (for the most part). The thumb ... more »

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Very nice! I got one from sixsixone after my injury and this one looks a heck of a lot better. I have a problem with mine coming unstrapped and there goes my wrist flopping again. I am going to have to consider getting this New Troy Lee Design wrist ... more »