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Hella ganj and post work-session beers were much of the fuel for the Dirty Shocks Backyard Bike Park. Check out our vlogs on YouTube

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The dirty shocks boys have been working hard creating our own little slice of heaven. We're vlogging its creation on YouTube "dirty shocks backyard bike park".

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Recently converted my 29er to a 69er in transition of going to a more dirt jump build. Have any of you done this before? Honestly aside from low bb its not bad. Ive been taking the 69er off dirt jumps lol i posted a video on youtube "backyard bike park ... more »

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Hell yeah, i need to go down to a single chain ring like yours mine has triple and it causes me more problems than anything.

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Yo everyone! The Dirty Shocks crew here to hopefully begin a thread of hardtail content sharing!! Full suspension bikes conquer obsticles with ease but those with the cajones to take a hardtail where it potentially shouldnt go deserve a little slice

... more »

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About to take the survey, this is actually something I've had trouble with because i use a chest-mounted GoPro and most (all) backpacks have a chest strap that doesnt accomodate for a gopro (clicking and scratching sounds while riding) so just incase ... more »

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Looks like fun, the bike park is hella cool too great use of space.

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Yo everyone!! This is the Dirty Shocks crew from Northern California. Weve all been riding off and on since we were kids but have also dabbled in lots of other sports before becoming satisfied with MTB. Were currently riding hardtails and tearing up

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