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that's the hub axle outer diameter, the inner dia remains 12mm.

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with a marzocchi fork

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It's Théo Galy father actually, but I am almost sure the call was made by the French Anti-dopping Agency not the race organizer, they operate independently.

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Remind me why we need wireless derailleur/post actuation? ohh... that's right we don't #gohomeSramyourdrunk

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Pull shock like on the cannondale jekyll just have their air chamber on the opposite side of the air piston than the regular setup. The inefficiency of gearboxes does not come from the number of seals or bearings ( normal transmission have also 4 bearings ... more »

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except when you ride the tube of your frame are stress by pulling, compressing, twisting or bending them not crushing, I've got a little dent on the top tube of my commencal meta from tightening to much the clamp, and that's on aluminium a material that has the same mechanical properties in every direction, not carbon composite...

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1. Agassiz
2. Semenuk
3. Lacondeguy
4. Rheeder

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Troy Brosnan 4:26.66
Rachel Atherton 5:27.36

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