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Reply to Michelin Wild enduro vs Maxxis assegai/dhr2 7/24/2020 9:43 AM

I ran a set of the Michelins- never managed to flat them and was expecting to because they were so much lighter than Double Downs or Schwalbe Super Gravity... I think mine weighed 960 Front and 1100? Rear. Raced on them at Snowmass Big Mountain Enduro- ... more »

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/19/2020 9:06 AM

I'd put that top out bumper back in. It's a mechanical top out stop- I worry your fork could over-extend and pull the stanchions above the lower bushing (that would be very bad).

Reply to RockShox Fork Dampers 5/18/2020 2:54 PM

My understanding is that the new damper will fix that initial 10mm of travel and provide a more predictable ride. Get a new Debonair spring. That will cure the 10mm of soft travel at the beginning. FYI new springs are way cheaper than a new damper... ... more »

Reply to Tubeless Wheel Issues 5/15/2020 6:27 AM

Either more tape or google 'ghetto tubeless split tube method'. That seals any rim.

Reply to 2.3mm rotors on Shimano brakes? 5/7/2020 7:59 AM

lever throw is related to seal roll-back- i'd imagine putting in thicker rotors would end up similar to putting in new pads. UNLESS then new rotor pushes the pistons so far into the caliper that they can't fully retract. ... more »

Reply to FORUM HOTSEAT - Transition Bikes Crew 4/30/2020 8:27 AM

Will you guys be making aluminum versions of the new bikes?

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/29/2020 6:24 AM

You'd be surprised... 99.9% of racers on the circuit have normal stuff in their shocks. Maybe custom shim stacks and always good maintenance. That's it.

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/8/2020 1:35 PM

I don't know enough about their rubber compounds- where does 'dual compound' sit on the scale? Only thing I understand anymore is MaxxGrip, Maxxterra, MaxxSpeed. Those make sense to me. MaxxSpeed is sick because they don't wear out but you'll die if ... more »

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/8/2020 7:55 AM

^^MaxxGrip is the problem.... On the rear they roll slow and wear out fast. I want this for exactly what was described above- a heavy duty enduro bike that gets pedaled around. Ideally you have a lighter casing with grippier rubber on the front. They ... more »

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 4/7/2020 1:56 PM

I feel like Maxxis doesn't need more tread patterns. I JUST WANT A DH CASING AGGRESSOR WITH MAXXTERRA RUBBER.

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 3/4/2020 2:38 PM

I can execute air can and fork lowers 50h service on a 'normal' garage workbench in about 1 hour. You'd certainly need to practice a few times to get good at it, but it doesn't seem out of reach for an enthusiast to do a few services each season. Check

... more »
Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 3/4/2020 8:44 AM

Curious what maximum moto shaft speeds are. I have no idea.

Reply to 2020 MTB Tech Rumors and Innovation 2/21/2020 9:44 AM

has anyone *actually* checked unsprung weight of USD vs normal forks? Magnesium is pretty light...

Reply to Fork oil discussion - brands, cold temps 10/24/2019 8:16 AM

I'd recommend using the uh recommended fluids for whatever suspension you have. We do seal compatibility testing with the fluids and can only guarantee the stock fluid won't swell or shrink the seals. Different suspension fluids from the same company ... more »

Reply to Did I bust my Rockshox Deluxe rear shock? 9/5/2019 1:23 PM

you bent a set screw in the eyelet- shouldn't affect the performance at all provided you can still leave the lever in the correct locations for riding. (pointed down for open mode and 90 degrees for lockout) This was a common issue- the newer RL models ... more »

Reply to Fork recommendations 9/4/2019 7:34 AM

99% sure you can do that with a pike 150. buy 120 spring:

Reply to Tires and inserts 6/28/2019 8:23 AM

Yeah- I can't stand the DH casing Maxxis- they only come with their sticky MaxxGrip rubber and roll SLOW. Great for lift/shuttle riding but I can't pedal them. DoubleDown usually comes with the faster rolling MaxxTerra rubber and seems a good compromise ... more »

Reply to World Mountain Bike Overall Ranking System 6/7/2019 7:11 AM

180 class has to pedal laps to practice. so smaller/sketchier bikes on the same track and less practice laps. yes plz

Reply to 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill Tech 5/6/2019 6:58 AM

looks like ride height adjustment to me

Reply to 2019 UCI World Cup Downhill Tech 4/23/2019 9:18 AM

Poor Jordi!