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not everyday that people are providing the length of their chain in the build description. Sick bike.

Updated bike check Vitus Sommet VRX 2016 AKA Sherman 9/11/2017 9:44 AM
Updated bike check Vitus Sommet VRX 2016 AKA Sherman 9/11/2017 9:43 AM
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The geometry details for Lycan LT are messed up on their site - literally copy-paste from Lycan Master with the only difference 160 vs 130mm travel front/rear. I have their 2105's 271 LT (160/160) frame and the head angle is around 66, not 68.5 like on their site. However, it is true the frames are with...more

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why why why do manufacturers think that just because i ride flat pedals i want laces !!

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Is it an RC2 if its got a RAD damper in it?

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Agreed, could have used less coverage of Minnaar walking his bike down the track and more coverage of Gwin. This has been an issue all season - because the drop-in intervals are fixed we lose coverage of wild runs because the rider before had a mechanical and took more time....more

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Dear Santa.....

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This was almost really cool. That effect is super lame. I want to see Richie ride and maybe learn a thing or two. This is an editor making his mark in the worst way possible. HINT: When you have one of the best riders in the world less=more.

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@ 4:40, Sam Hill ALWAYS takes the inside line. What a boss.

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The last shot showing the fork and shock working was awesome

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hey UCI, this is a dh track.

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Would have been cool if they had done it blind. Tester's show up, aren't told which bike has new goodness. Let them rip bikes back to back and see if they notice anything. Otherwise I'm suspicious of placebo.

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Great footage, and the update of this trail looks incredible. Huge thanks to Andrew Fletcher-Love and John Miller for the hard work.

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when it looks steep on camera...

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Spacey slowmo and Raw are Vital gold. Thank you!

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These look like big S jerseys. Bruni followed by Iles

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F@%k UCI
This is Downhill
This show why is mandatory a WC race in USA

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Fun video but it looks like it was shot with a potato.

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Hey Guys, thought I'd add a few comments on the technical details of the bike. The upper shock hardware is designed with an inner sleeve (small part #7), like a thru-axle front hub, to prevent binding if the upper shock bolt is over-torqued. I've attached a photo of the...more