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About Me

Name: Daniel Spangaard Kristensen
Age: 30years
Height: 178cm
Weight: 59kg
Bike: Alutech Fanes 5.0 RR SL
Style: Funride - (Laid back, casual and more stylish than fastish)
Negative things: Hate rock gardens
Positive things: Love Loam
What holds the focus: 5 min. peace and the right music in the ears
Favorite brand: Kali / Deity / Hope (and dreaming of a Moondraker DH bike)
Aims: To finish as min. in the top 10 of the DH Cup 2018 - Mega Avalance is my 2020 plan.
Known for in Sporguide: Having a penchant for bending or otherwise destroying the rear wheels.
Coolest Race: Danish Downhill Cup Rude 2017 - My first DH race never forget it and Redbull Fox hunting in 2016 a wild race with 350 runs in mass start
Favorite trails: Langesø DH track - Denmark's roof - Danger Zone (secret trail) - Sir heathery mountain because it's cool and right in the backyard (almost).