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Once again, vital destroying with the coverage and info.....

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So with your logic , we should still be on bikes from the 90's. Why improve? Why go faster at all? Why should a racer get better brakes to have more control so he can go faster? Everyone else will buy them. Why should a racer get a lighter bike? Everyone else will get one. Why should a racer get better suspension for more control to go faster? Eventually everyone else will . FI cars should still look like they did in 1975 or earlier. Why race at all? I mean, if racing is seeing who is faster and faster isn't good, why race?

ZERO doubt if Loic (and I am a big fan of his) or even Gwin start getting smoked by guys on 29", they will be on them soon enough. As big as Specialized is, they have already researched it in depth. I even saw Gee and Rachel at Crankworx last year on the lift with 29" prototypes.

I agree the industry over hypes many things lately, and I will probably never have a 29" DH bike. I know I will get down voted for this, but The MAIN reason everyone is crying about 29" wheel DH bikes is because the 29" wheels began their lives on squirrelly XC bikes...everything DH is not. If DH bikes started with 29" and went down to 27.5 years later because of an improvement people would be bitching just the same.

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Faster is always better in race, that is why they call it a race. Whether it's faster thru a tech section/track like Val di Sol or faster on a more bike park type track, faster wins races...zero exceptions. Every single fan boy of Sam Hill for example (I am one as well) wants him to be faster that all the other riders. That is how he wins a race. You get thru the super technical or super flowy sections of a course FASTER than the other riders on the same course. Style points are only great for videos and slope/jump comps. Fast wins races

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