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'No Ordinary Life' Podcast - EP. FOUR "Rampage, Ranches and Rattlesnakes" with Kyle Strait

Sit down with DHaRCO and enjoy hearing about the illustrious career of Kyler Strait from the man himself.

Few people in the mountain biking world are unfamiliar with the name Kyle Strait. The Californian athlete has spent nearly all of his life on two wheels, and has become a household name in the mountain bike scene. Whether it be due to his exploits, year after year at Rampage, his edits from New World Disorder, the more recent Strait Acres event set up by himself and Rachel Strait, or anything else on his CV, there’s no doubt that he’s made a huge impact on the sport. Sit down with Josh and Kyle as they dive into the early days of his career, the difficulties of navigating a professional lifestyle in your 20’s, life as both a pro rider and a father, and lots more. This is No Ordinary Life, a podcast by DHaRCO.

Listen to this podcast below, on Apple Podcast, Spotify or via this link.

"Rampage, Ranches & Rattlesnakes"


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