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The Grassroots Cycles crew have has a special place knows as the Ranch. If you are of the type to love flowy jump trails or serious slopestyle courses, then you would love the Ranch. The Roots Crew, as some refer to the freeride loving bikers, have a love for riding that shows in their hard work that is put into their private ranch. Every year, Grassroots Cycles opens up the Ranch for the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival, and now in it’s second year the Hucktober Fest.

Last year the Hucktober Fest was a fund raising event for the newly built Lunch Loops Bike Park in Grand Junction. The idea behind Hucktober Fest this past weekend was to be out in support of our friend Evan Guthrie.

This summer, one of our fellow dirt shredding lovers went down, hard. Evan Guthrie of Brantford, Ontario sustained a serious brain injury during practice for the Ranchstyle Mountain Bike Festival. His injuries left him in a coma for quit some time. Now back in Canada, Evan is fighting a long hard battle towards recovery.

September 24th Evan celebrated his 23 birthday. It was a great day as we were all just so happy to be celebrating the fact that he made it to his 23 birthday. His close friends and family showered him with gifts and love. Every day Evan is getting better and showing more and more signs of recovery.

We are all thankful that Evan has made it this far, but it is far from over. If you wish to help Evan in his fight for recovery, you can make a donation by sending payment to Grassroots Cycles, 401 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction CO 81501.

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shoot me an email,

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Hey Devon, Wade here, ColoradoDirt. I was the rider who folded the wheel on the No Quarter trail during the All Mtn Enduro. Thanks for the shot on the slideshow... awesome! I'm interested in the other pictures you have of that and I'd be down to purchase them or something. Let me know what you think. Thanks, keep up the great work.

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of course JB was involved. good work my friends!

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i commend that guy

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belgeWolf you were obviously not there this past weekend. this course that the solvista bike crew built brought a new high mark to downhill racing in the US. hands down no questions asked. period.

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oh dang! i think spomer may have a contender for video capture. very well done brandon!

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