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Someone explain. are the stays meant to flex in place of pivot? Are they solid, hollow? Crazy.

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The actual does look steep compared to many brands with a more aggressive kink in the seat tube, but that is usually a result of the lower seat tube ending in front of the bottom bracket. Here the lower tube extends directly from the BB with just a slight kink. I would love to see no kink or at least shrinking kinks on the larger sizes (size specific seat tubes for the win). The massive effective top tube numbers combined with "on trend" reach numbers tell you that the seat tube actually is pretty slack. Compare it to a transition smuggler (I use transition because they were early to the party) which has 475mm reach in a large and a top tube length 625mm. The large FlareMAX is 481.5 mm reach and a top tube length of 651mm, that puts the seat on a large about 19.5 mm further back from BB center and that is only at top tube height!!! (651-(481.5-475)-625). Before you say it I recognize the head tubes are 10mm different, but the effect on the calculation is negligible). This why you need to very critically review geometry charts (especially when you live in the far north and always ride the largest size on offer and can never test ride anything). The Cotic puts the rider way over the back wheel. I can't imagine this would climb very well for tall folks. Sure when you stand up things change, but I need to get up the hill first. The reach numbers are on point with the current crop of bikes, but it's certainly not pushing any boundaries.

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Slack seat tube and short reach.... they say the competition hasn't caught up, but it seems they are being left behind.

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Pivot unveils new bike with geometry finally caught up to 2017.

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Ultimate Shredsignalling.

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While I recognize that part of how these guys get so good is constantly finding new lines and riding the crap out of them I can't help but wonder.... they always appear to be riding these short gully tracks and literally riding where there was no trail before and ripping up dirt and disturbing the soil. From an environmental perspective, this is as bad or worse than what motorized vehicles do. It opens up new erosion pathways tears up the fragile organic matter. I'm not saying that is what they are doing, but that is what it looks like and I wonder... This is the kind of video you don't want non-mountain bikers to see.

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This poll is perpetuating the misconception that HTA matters all that much, as you said it’s the sum of all things and the long front center that matter. Major manufactures are gradually moving towards what the others have already figured out (like Pole), ... more »

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It's the pipeline colour, but it's set up as in instinct. Nice build.

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