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It looks like he will be on fox clothing... None of the tagged links lead to suspension.

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They are an awesome company to deal with. Their lifetime bearings, and frame warranties are legit too, which to my knowledge nobody else does... at least the bearings. Our shop used to be a global top 10 retailer for them, and they were always easy to deal with. I personally don't really jive with VPP (granted, i have never rode their lower link stuff), and they might be expensive off the top, but they will make sure this bike will last a lifetime, if you want it to.

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Yes! Keep 'em coming.

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If SRAM is testing rough prototypes, they should be selling retail units by late next week.

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ROBOTS knew he was German and an engineer by the second photo, before reading anything,

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My Heart says yes, but if there was money on the line, I'd place my money elsewhere.

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pretty sure this is the only reason he won the EWS overall this year

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There are companies making good looking e bikes.... this is not one of them.

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That’s nonsense. Everyone of those trails are in most of his vids and ridden the same way on every one of his other bikes. that off trail is the pit where freeriding began 20 odd years ago. It’s a gravel pit and has been ridden and filmed constantly and it looks the same. Get a grip

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"We are not asking for special treatment, but rather for an equal playing field"... special treatment is EXACTLY what you are asking for numb nut.

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Seal the deal, you can do it!

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Holy. That is quite the list. Garage Pics?? In chronological order: Kona Stinky (2006) Santa Cruz Driver 8 (2010) Trek Fuel (2011) Trek Fuel (2012) Santa Cruz Solo (mine was a solo

) Specialized p3 (2015) Trek Session 9.9 (2015) Yeti SB 6C ... more »
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Eddie and Martin sending it on that last section!!

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Why did they choose Scott? Because Scott owners are use to the rats nest of cables!

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On pb, they have an image of the shifter with a trp barrel adjuster.
could be trp?

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Ratboy the man, Santa, thanks for support him! Keep this spirit up!! This is what makes us dream about bikes!

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Its a legit line.

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Anything between the tape is considered part of the track, so nothing about that line is against the rules.

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Steve wentz is cool. Vitalmtb always has the raddest crew.

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Is it the same over-damped tuning that Specialized got stuck with and was fairly universally panned?