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I don't like the looks of Poles. Give me a Geomatron.

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Agreed with Norco Dude. Maxxgrip is fine as a rear tire but way too hard a compound to run as a front tire where it's slippery. [Edit: yes that was a typo, I meant to say MaxxTerra sucks as a front tire]

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Why are you calling this bike a 69er? Front wheel is 622mm or 24.5" and back is 584mm or 22in. Overall diameter with tire is ~708mm/27.9in backwheel and ~746mm/29.4in frontwheel.

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See how an ebike helps Josh pay the bills.

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Wow, damn. I'm a fellow Vermonter, and have known his name for 15 years. I got into biking in a time and place where putting a dual crown fork on your hardtail was the bees knees. Baggy jeans, skateparks, hucks-to-flat, stair gaps, and riding your bike backwards. I remember watching videos and bragging to my friends that kyle was also from Vermont. When I think of Kyle, i think of myself at 15, and trying all sorts of scary stuff while having a blast with friends. I never knew Kyle, but I have benefited from the trails and legacy he worked to create.

the crazy part is that a guy I work with lives on Lake Iroquois in Hinesburg. He came in to work a bit out of it, he had been up late with emergency vehicles in his yard all night. anyways, just my connection, its a very small state.

this is a loss I will have to sit and think about for a good while. Vermont, and the biking community lost a good one. Ive still got my old Planet X Jackflash with the old dirtjumper II on it. Maybe Ill go ride it around for a while.

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