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How about let the riders pick the format?

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Those are big!

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I'm a fan of boost and both second and third are way above the winner. Upon closer examination I think Cooke is the clear winner.

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That Giro helmet has a similar line to the D2 half head. What is it's name and where can I get one?

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super nice edit

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As much as I love Sam Hill, I can't help but feel flatpedalthunder is stealing a little bit of the glory from what is one of the most incredible wins of the year in all of cycling. 95+ seconds over second place?! This isn't some local event! Its the top level of the sport and...more

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My taupe colored Crupi Expert with Answer carbon fork on Crupi hubs with rainbow Ti spokes and Odyssey t1000 flamed rims back in 2000. My dad has kept all of my other bikes since so that one day I can enjoy them in my

Pops is looking ... more »
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That is a beautiful bike. I was hoping to see a weight.

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Suddenly I feel very inadequate with all my brakes and suspension and knobby tires and full face and kneepads and airbag and parachute.

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At the end of last summer didn't the guy building this set get a back injury on these trails? If someone remembers the post... help out. Love the big gaps

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The vast majority of DH gear began as moto gear, and over time various features (like leather inner thighs) were stripped in an effort to make them lighter and more directly applicable to DH. We still see those moto roots today in many of the designs.

Personally, I can't see going back after...more

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If there were any question about trail use then you should definitely be keeping your rides PRIVATE.

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As long as they keep it under $600 I can see this working. Beyond that I think there is a lot of competition. I like where it's going.

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some shoe-goo and rectangle foam and I can run my own pedals. JK cool idea.

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