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EWS related news : Orbea just share a link to orbea enduro team fb page. Just a black picture with "WE ARE BACK". I eard about a fast french racer, regular ews top 10 with some spectacular stage this past season. Maybe some young fast spanish... Wait ... more »

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I think it's the best video of the year so far. I watch it so many time. Great atmospher and the line Sam is taking is awesome.
Thanks everyone for the passion.

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Wow. I'm not able to do a complete sentence, no words... just wow... sublime.

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Why do you want us to talk about Aaron and Greg in an article about Sam Hill winning the EWS? Saying that Sam Hill was and is a great champion takes nothing away from any other rider who has also accomplished great things - before OR after Sam.

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New instinct maybe? Wheels look Big To me...

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No idrive !

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My wilson. So much sacrifices (hard to have in my country at the time ), every little pieces were chose precisly and So amazing to ride. I speak about it So often even years after ^^. ... more »
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It's like 29' wheels : I was sceptic, I tried, it works, I like it ^^

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The m 10 version (and h10) is mounted with 2x11 AND a 1x option in the box.
All of the orbea are available with a Good list of options, you can have a reverb or xt braking kit for example on the m10 for a very nice price.
the volume spacer kit is also in the option list and is perfect, it gives a more stable ride in rougher tracks and combined with a shorter stem it's an amazing bike ^^!
From xc ride to enduro racing the occam am rocks.

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Lynyrd skynyrd : free bird

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Chris king Iso hubs : -210$ front -415$ rear

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You can add chain guide to your list . Some are very expensive, like mrp g3 micro carbone around 200$ i think.

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Demo 8 TLD limited edition frame ! (From gf) Bos idylle rare air (from me^^) Orbea occam am carbon (from my boss) And a summer weather in december to shred !!! Can't be better ^^! Merry christmas to all !

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Pornographie on two wheels ! All the component are well choosen, perfect.

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