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Updated bike check YETI SB6.9 (29front/27,5rear) 5/2/2019 11:58 AM
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Très beau ! T’as toujours eu des vélos bien pimp, je me rappel il y quelques années sur 26in, t’avais un Lapierre 722 pas mal déjà !
Enjoy !

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Updated bike check YETI SB6.9 (29front/27,5rear) 4/14/2019 10:26 PM
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I have heard that daprela signed one of the biggest contract ever in dh racing with commençal as they feel he is the next big thing in the sport. So no move for him this year I think.

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Orbea mx Commençal normal Commençal suprem fr 6.20 Specialized Demo 8 Commençal furious Commençal absolut Canyon torque Santacruz v10c Devinci wilson Cannondale jeckyll Giant glory 0 Trek fuel ex Giant reign 1 Giant reign 1.5 Gt force carbon Gt sensor ... more »

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Hello ! For the issues with 30mm wide rims with 2.3, no problems. For the tire choice, you're searching the 2 heads unicorn, i have had hard time to find a good rear tires ! The agressor is a good tire, but to me the cornering performance of the agressor ... more »

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Thank you very much ! Ok, the slayer is like a mini downhill bike, maybe too much for some physical races. The instinct maybe will help to have less fatigue on long descend I think. You look to have a good "off" season, hard work will pay for sur. Wish ... more »

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Wow ! It's an honor to have you here jesse ! I'm a huge fan from france ^^! I have had a slayer last year, love it. I test an altitude too, easier and fun. How the new instinct bc compare to those 2 ? Thx

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It's an instinct bc ? perfect bike ! Nice topic spomer, thx !

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It will be in a few years but I look for a kid called Thibault daprela. Remember this name

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EWS related news : Orbea just share a link to orbea enduro team fb page. Just a black picture with "WE ARE BACK". I eard about a fast french racer, regular ews top 10 with some spectacular stage this past season. Maybe some young fast spanish... Wait ... more »

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I think it's the best video of the year so far. I watch it so many time. Great atmospher and the line Sam is taking is awesome.
Thanks everyone for the passion.

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Wow. I'm not able to do a complete sentence, no words... just wow... sublime.

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Why do you want us to talk about Aaron and Greg in an article about Sam Hill winning the EWS? Saying that Sam Hill was and is a great champion takes nothing away from any other rider who has also accomplished great things - before OR after Sam.

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New instinct maybe? Wheels look Big To me...

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