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I agree with dirty bird- "People don't like change." I don't think it's just an a-hole mtb'er thing. Likely you and me just pay more attention to mtb related stuff on the net. Whether it be petrol vs electric, music from 'back then' vs today, meat vs ... more »

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BIGGEST THING THAT HAS HELPED ME IS GETTING IN SHAPE ENOUGH TO WHERE I CAN MAINTAIN A GOOD RIDING STANCE/POSTURE EVEN WHEN TIRED. i crash when i get tired because i start riding at the end of my rope( knees and elbows locked straight). so i want to be ... more »

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Short answer... I think you can make it work. Try it. A lot of wheels and tires have different tolerances when it comes to bead/rim diameter. In my experience that is the biggest factor in whether it will work or not. You can check the fit without purchasing ... more »

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I have POC vpd 2.0 dh long(knee/shin). I absolutely love them. Never in a rush to get them off after a ride, great protection crash after crash, and I like the looks. There is enough padding around the knee to feel safe. They pedal much better than you ... more »

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Don't cut til you are sure. Move your grips and levers in on the bar and ride a trail you're familiar with. When it feels good, then go ahead and cut. Everybody is different. People have different body shapes, arm lengths, riding stances, riding styles, ... more »

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Awful expensive to upgrade forks/brakes. I've wanted to do similar on older, fun/rare bikes and so have our customers but I suggest..... 1.) Save your money/work harder/shop smarter/sell some toys/steal hubcaps 2.) Put ur old gt on the wall or sell it ... more »

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The designer must have been the person who liked the Lapierre 'Spaniel taking a shit ' look.

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Thredbo Google search..... new TLD