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Somehow missed him sitting there in the stories, but did notice his name in one of the groups!

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World Champ colours!

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A treat for everyone I took myself at Dark

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Right at the beginning of the year(or might have been end of last) he made a post about how he had just signed the biggest deal of his career so far. Was waiting for someone to post it here but surprised no one said anything. I assume now it has to do ... more »

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Gwin with a KTM jersey on? I know it has been said the KTM motorcycles is a different division but still?

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Are we forgetting

Or just ignoring it? I don't think it is Needles. Brendan and Needles have been friends for years and have often had extended trips to each others homes during the off season so I don't think we should read too much into ... more »
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Apparently it's raining currently in PMB. And lots of rain predicted for tomorrow and some on Sunday. Will Hart shine in the mud again? Going to be interesting. Here is the weather for those who are interested.

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i would love to but each time i try update my set up it says it encountered a problem

but here it is, but the parts list isn't updated, but the photo is,410/all#setup
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i really like it. but i wish it was cromo ...