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Caminade build his new titanium enduro bike : ChillEasy 2

ChillEasy by Caminade Bikes Words Geoffrey Buisan Photos Thibault Linossier

Caminade build his new titanium enduro bike : ChillEasy

It all started last December, when my decision to join the Caminade project was made. Until the end of my studies in February, I communicated almost daily with Brice to discuss vision and strategy. Mountain Biking is deeply ingrained in Caminade's identity. Don’t forget that the One4All and SimpleTrack were the first bikes in our lineup. As time moved on, our customers requested a Gravel bike. Naturally, we put our energy in this direction, with the design and development of a titanium welded Gravel with fork and stem manufactured in our workshop, and the innovative carbon joints that led to the manufacture of the AllRoad and LongRoad, thus bringing to market a titanium bike at an affordable price. When you read the genesis of my hiring, you have to understand my gravity DNA with my flat pedals and my 5.10. That's why one beautiful January morning when Brice suggested that I design a titanium full suspension MTB "I was hot like a hut with French fries".


ChillEasy identity

The ChillEasy is destined to ride hard ... Hard in the endurance to go all the way up as well as tackle tough terrain on the way down. The bike must be fit to ride over : 

  • The Garoutade itinerary that we have at the start of the workshop and its 60 km with 2500 m of elevation
  • Allow me to go down the 1500 m of descent from the famous yellow train DH
  • And finally to cruise laps on the most exposed trails of Bike Park Les Angles.

The name of the bike came to us during a brewery day at La Ferme Ta Gueule. Like a SpeakEasy, the philosophical beers of this microbrewery relax customers into a fun easy going evening. Our bike wants to be a machine to give you effortless pleasure. That’s why we call it ChillEasy! Chill to signify having a good time, and Easy for the ease at which this bike will ensure you have a good time! To reinforce the Chill side of the bike, we weld a bottle opener next to the bottom bracket. 


We wanted a living frame: it will be titanium!

I started mountain biking at the age of 15, I'm 25 today, I only knew the aluminum and carbon frames made in Asia. Before arriving at Caminade, I did not understand the nobility of Titanium. After getting on a Titanium Gravel several times, I quickly understood the effectiveness of the material. After inspecting Sylvain's titanium Gravel, which has 2 years of intense use, I quickly understood the durability of this material. That's why titanium was a natural choice. If titanium is the ultimate material in aeronautics, besides the difficulty of welding, it is its elasticity that can be problematic ... how to stiffen the bottom bracket enough to resist the big effort for which this bike is intended? We solved this with the 30mm housing axis which serves as the main pivot on which rotates 2 sets of crankcase bearings: 1 for the front triangle and 1 for the rear triangle, and especially the new standard Super Boost Plus which separates again a little further the bearings (the DH bottom bracket is 104.5 mm wide). So, no chain effect, we will be able to focus on the infinite possibilities offered by the Olhins 4 way hydraulic shock: compression low speeds a little closed for support, high speeds quite free. .. and a blockage for long climbs ! The sensitivity and vibration absorption offered by titanium allow us to reduce the SAG and suddenly with a lower overall travel we are in the same values as a bike with 160mm in the rear.


The damper is moved to the side, as on direct-draw motorcycles.

Unlike many designers who draw a bike starting with the general shape, we started by positioning the damper to promote a true progressive ratio curve without any inflection of the curve, and especially not at the end of the travel ... the harder we go, the harder it is: the base! The problem is that the damper must be closer to the wheel and very low in the middle of the seat tube. We could have used rockers to give a proper shape to the ratio but it would have been heavier and with a higher shock not favoring a low center of gravity. So we chose to slightly shift the damper and bend the top of the frame to get around, giving the frame sensual forms.


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