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Hey Jeff! Weird that you would comment in response to my posts, but not actually reply to me or mention my name... but, since you're clearly speaking to me, I'm going to speak back to you.

The point is not that "nothing [should ever be] offensive to anyone ever," the point is that it's in bad faith to keep knowingly offending after it is made clear to you that you are doing so. The point isn't even that you can't say or think words that might offend; it's probably just best not to use them to sell products or brand yourself or your company. Hell, I have decided that I like using the "r-word," so I do. But I only do it in my own home, where I know it won't hurt someone. It really doesn't bother me to avoid saying it in public, and it's really easy to not use it for branding. Maybe that shocks you. If it does, I would turn that same lens on the term at hand in this article.

And as someone who stood, stands, and will stand up for the idea that Black Lives Matter, and the movement that accompanies that idea, here are some things that I and others have done:
- Supported organizations that make mountain biking accessible to underprivileged (don't trot out the 'privilege' outrage; that word has been used for decades to refer to those without socioeconomic means) youth and adults of color, bringing Black and Brown faces into mountain biking.
- Talked to my friends and riding buddies about what it is that makes mountain biking hard to approach for people of color and how we can change that
- Supported mountain biking-related businesses owned by Black people
- Called for representation of Black and Brown people in mountain biking by large companies that typically only show white people on full-squish bikes
- Petitioned companies to reconsider their association with the police
- Asked businesses to change their names to remove racial slurs (e.g. Dirty Kanza)
- Challenged others smile about their ideologies and resistance to change

Of course there's no goal to "Occupy 2.0." You just made it up. BLM has a very clear goal and its lack of a declared leader is true democracy. The movement does what its members do with it, rather than its members doing what a leader tells them to do. Who needs a representative when each of us can speak on our own, or we can all speak together?

Finally, I really do like to listen to Jordan Peterson, especially when Zizek is running circles around him.

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How is dropping the term going to hurt you? Its use hurts others, and it's not up to you to declare that it doesn't. Clearly, you just wish your viewpoint to be privileged over those of marginalized people. And yes, they are marginalized; the continued skepticism towards the wishes and desires of indigenous people is both cause and evidence of that.

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How did he win with such narrow rims? I read on the internet that wide rims are faster.

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