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God damn that was vicious... glad he's all good and kinda weirded out by the couple of Chinese "fans" who were yelling the organizers are murderers and that Kelly broke both arms when he clearly didn't. A strange event all around and probably one of the gnarliest. They should open up a bike museum in Rotorua called, "things that McGarry broke".

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Or, because it's a downhill bike, you can ditch all the unnecessary gears, and pull off the last 3 gears on an 9sp 11-32 SLX cassette. This gives you an 11-21 6sd cassette. All the gears you'd ever need, without having to double shift because all your transitions are so tight, and your chain won't ever get close to that rear wheel. And if you are a slopestyle/dj/park rider, you can shift into this empty space and use it as a freecoaster. (Aaron Chase did something close to this back in the day)

PS: It also helps if you build your wheel the right way. Drive-side trailing spokes heads in. The makes it so that the trailing spokes wont drive the chain down further into the freewheel during rotation, but instead push it up. One, this is the way Chris King requires wheels to be built around their hubs, and second, this will also make lacing your wheels easier. When you get to putting in the last 16 spokes (if you use the "Sheldon Brown Method"), because you push the spoke from the inside out, you don't have to weave the spoke in between all the spokes to get your cross.

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