Day 1

Yesterday my neighbor, Chuck, helped me out by cutting out the pump track. The track is roughly 30 to 40 feet long and rough ly 15 feet wide. These are just the beginning stages.

Chuck and his tractor

Shovel duty for me

Kobe doing some testing

Day 2

Still shaping out the arms and back are freakin' sore!

Got a rhythm section going on

one of the corners is now fully banked

and the table top is starting to root-up...all I need to do is add water and sunlight...hahaha!

Day 3

Ryan and I hit Beacon for a couple of runs, so we really didn't do much today. My son, Kobe and my friend Ryan and I re-shaped the rhythm section, it flows a lot better than yesterday

Ryan doing some testing after Beacon

Kobe do some work on the table top,,,got a ways to go!

Showing off the source of my power...comedy!

Day 4

Man...I think I need a break. So far we are still testing and re-shaping the sections we've got built. It flows ok so far. Can't wait to get this stage done.

Day 5

We are getting the table top built up. Thanks to NorCalNomad for giving me suggestions for the table top. We are still working on it so we can hit it at all...we are always tinkering...

Need more dirt...

Day 6

Well here's what we have so far. It's pretty much shaped out. We still need to build up the corners and the table top but, all-in-all it's rideable. Then we can bring the good dirt in

Almost there for Stage One

Me checking things out

Kobe's table top sequence...there's a little bit of sunlight under his tires

Day 7

Still tweaking and shaping to get the track to flow.

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