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5 days before flying out I took the hardest fall I've ever taken on a bike. Mangled my hip, broke a rib on both sides of my chest, and had my elbow stitched up. Was monumentally bummed I'd ruined my trip, but ended up having an epic time despite being injured. #pedaldamnit Special thanks to Niner, Teton Gravity Research, and Park City Lodging for making this trip possible.

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My guess is that the linkage extends forward and down a bit in front of the visible pivot point (explaining that huge bulge underneath) and the rear end pulls on a rod that connects to it.

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I don't disagree with you. It's a compilation of all the footage I got on my two week vacation. Flew into Jackson Hole, rode around the Tetons for almost a week getting used to some altitude, then drove down to Colorado to do the last few segments of the Colorado trail. Rode Phil's World while I was down there. Then drove back up to Jackson Hole, got a few more days of riding in, and flew back to Philly. Most of the trip did in fact take place in the Tetons, but the main reason I went out there was to do those segments of the Colorado Trail with a bunch of friends, therefore I call it and refer to it in my head as the Colorado Trail trip. Sorry for the confusion.

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This is a compilation of the footage I got on my most recent vacation. The goal of the trip was to run the last 4 segments of the Colorado Trail down into Durango, but that was cut short buy an arm of that tropical storm that wiped out parts of Arizona. Still had a fantastic time and got to ride elsewhere in Colorado for the remainder of that leg of the trip. Most of the riding took place up around the Tetons on their beautiful trails. Special thanks for the folks at Osprey for helping plan the trip and Habitat | High Altitude Provisions for providing the bike rental. The song is by Binary Bits titled Space Rivers (used with permission from the artist). Thanks for watching, hope you enjoy it!

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