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Throwing 3's on a walmart bike, yes! Good watch to kill some time, that drop was rough, glad he's ok.

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Good stuff, very colorful, party footage, fireworks, as it should be!

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A day late and a dollar short as usual while this quick moving world rolls on. I've digested a lot of information since the event(I attended) and have privately discussed this matter with some individuals, even had dreams about it. As an athlete that has competed/managed at the highest level and has tasted some level of success, I feel like I have a moral duty to comment on this issue from my perspective.

What's my worth?

I always aspired to be the fastest person down the mountain. I wanted to win! The lifestyle surrounding the sport kept me involved and interested. In the beginning I worked throughout the winter, and found a flexible summer job so I could compete. Over the years I got better, started to understand how to be a professional and eventually managed a national level team. I understood what a partnership was and how to provide a service in return for support and product. That was the main concern, just receiving enough product and support to be remotely successful. It took me a long time before I realized that I was selling myself short as an individual and didn't understand my true value as an athlete. I was uninformed and uneducated as an athlete, and was part of the problem as I risked my life, for a free ride and some minor financial support. This mindset created the current status quo. Why should sponsors include a salary, insurance and other benefits, when the majority of top level athletes don't ask for them!

This process took over eight years of competing at the pro level for peanuts, sure I enjoyed it and I was having fun, but, I had this realization of self worth as an individual seeking support for the 2015 season.

To create a salary baseline I wanted to see for myself what others in my profession at the same or higher level were being compensated, so I bluntly asked many of my peers and the results were revealing, and all across the board. Athletes being represented, or that knew how to communicate well with their partners were creating a living for themselves, but this was the minority. Many of the sports elite were just happy to receive product, travel and support. They didn't realize, like myself, that we were devaluing not just ourselves, but the sport as a whole. I advocated to all of them that it was important to realize their worth, and to not settle the next negotiation cycle. Better yet, seek out someone with knowledge, and have them represent you as an athlete. Create a budget, show your potential employer how it stacks up, as many partners don't understand the financials.

I don't want to get long winded, so I'll wrap it up and keep it simple. Athletes across the MTB spectrum have to value themselves, plain and simple. If they do not, the risk will always outweigh the reward at the pointy end of the stick.

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Not the time or place to post this nonsense. But since you did...

Hey Buddy, I don't need to provide links to studies and blabber on and on about an opposing view regarding your post. Mountain biking is a healthy lifestyle, one that has probably saved more lives than its lost. If it wasn't for mountain biking I wouldn't be the person I am today, I wouldn't have married my wife and I certainly wouldn't have seen the world. Mountain biking has done so much for me, I'm so grateful for that.

I wish the best for Paul and for a full recovery, I'm sure he has no regrets about living his mountain bike life and I respect him so much as an athlete and competitor. Paul, today I ride for you bud!

Lets enjoy our experiences, and learn to share the path to happiness.

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These athletes need to value themselves more. What are they worth? That is the question they need to answer collectively. If Redbull wants to sponsor them, then the athletes need to come up with their price, collectively. Redbull and the other sponsors...more

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My $0.02 The idea of Enduro racing was what got me excited, show up, ride a trail once or twice and race. I know that it isn't illegal to ride public trails or to buy a lift ticket and ride behind a fast local, but it really pisses me off to see so many ... more »

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Am I the only one that thinks this trail looks boring?

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Raw highlights from Saturdays practice and qualifying.

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Lots of push ups!

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The logo on the tire doesn't match up on the rims front and rear, amateur hour, hope Loic fired his mechanic, never gonna win looking like a squid!

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The Whistler EWS was one hell of an event. 5 Stages of close to an hour of timed racing and transitions that challenged in the 100f heat as we circumnavigated the Whistler Valley and climbed 8k. Fallow me up, down and around in this EWS Whistler rider diary.

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Snowmass BME

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On the chopping block is a 2010 Carbon Specialized Enduro equipped w/ top end SRAM bits and a strong overall package. Part Spec: Frame: Medium Carbon Specialized Enduro Shock: Fox Float RP23 fork: Specialized Future Shock brakes: AvidElixer CRSL front:

... more »

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Hello Ladies and Gents Due to the lack of DH in my area and the explosion of Enduro I never had the opportunity to ride this bike. It is brand new, never been ridden and has an extremely strong parts spec that makes this a world Cup ready machine. Full

... more »

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Frenchie! It was last week, trails are really good right now. How's Sochi?

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Got away from the snow and found myself in Moab testing tires for Maxxis on the infamous Dave's Trail.

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yeah Shelby!

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Super rad!!!

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