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This is bike is not all its cracked up to be. It does not turn well and it is a handful if you are under 6'2"!

Give me a mega tower any day!

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Unless it's the wheelbase that's around 50mm longer, if they slackened it out by 2 degrees and maintained the same reach it would account for a considerable portion of that 50mm.
Also worth bearing in mind is when they overforked the stock 290 frame it would have effectively shortened the reach a bit along with a few other bits like the chainstays(only a tiny amount really).

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Nasty crash att 2:27. Was it when Jesse Melamed broke his hand..?

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When I heard La Bresse was on the calendar I got pretty excited especially with the track that was raced in 2011. There’s some nice flowing corners on this but I’m left a little disappointed as it doesn’t come close in terms of the old beast.

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We certainly haven't ruled out making a large version, it will just depend on there being enough demand to justify it. XL is just the obvious place for us to start, as the taller the rider the more 29" wheels make sense on a DH bike. Thanks for making...more

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I'm of the same view about 29er downhill bikes and rider height. The main issue for shorter riders is tyre to butt clearance, whilst ok on trail bikes it becomes a problem on the downhill bikes due to the extra 40-50mm travel. The issue when going from a 27.5 downhill bike is not only does the wheel size get bigger, there is also increased bottom bracket drop which sits the rider lower in relation to the axles further reducing clearance. I am impressed with what you guys have come up with, it is a very clean looking bike and good call with dropping the travel a little.

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professor anthrax left a comment 7/26/2017 9:04 AM

Hi,i would like to modifie my zerode g2 the same way a you did.
I wa wondering if you could be so kind and give me the measurements of you link?
please write to my e-mail
kind regards

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Troy Brosnan 3:41.31
Rachel Atherton 4:10.32

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Troy brosnan 3:35.31

Rachel Atherton 4:01.26

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According to my digital hanging scales that's the weight but it doesn't feel heavy to ride as all the weight is in the shimano alfine gear hub right in the centre of the bike with no weight like the derailleur or cassette to have a detrimental effect on the suspensions performance.

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Brendan Fairclough 3:40.12 Rachel Atherton 4:05.33

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He said that he noticed extra flex, which I think made him subconciously ride stiffer or hold on tighter which would make a big difference in arm pump.

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I love how most all bike reviewers say to go Wide Wide Wide, even changing out bars on test bikes, yet so many pro riders run right about 740-750 on trail bikes.

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If you look at this picture you can see there are 2 notches the one to the left is 175mm travel and the right 203mm, what you can't see is another 2 notches hidden under the brass nut and the black fitting. Mine had the ring where it's located in that picture but I moved it to the one under the brass nut which increased the axle to crown length roughly making the lowest point the crown can be dropped same as the original highest point without affecting the travel according to my measurements.

You must be running the crown dropped pretty low then before there's clearance issues. *edit* I reread your review, I see why you had clearance problems, you run stems with quite a lot of drop, that explains a lot. I was running the standard answer dm stem and have used a nukeproof 45mm dm stem aswell with no clearance issues with 10-15mm leg sticking through up top.

I got my SKF seals from J tech over here in the uk. They're the same fitting as fox 36 and replaces the double seals that come standard on dorados with a single seal. I've been running them since last November in pretty muddy conditions and they're still going strong with no leaks to date.

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In relation to the wallowy feel for heavier or faster riders I'd reccomend upping the oil from 5wt to 7.5wt. The forks stay up in the travel more with the heavier oil and eliminate that issue completely.

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I also own Dorados (pro model) and have been very happy them over the last 2 and a half years. You can adjust the axle to crown length internally (2 long travel positions and 2 short travel settings 175mm I think), mine were on the short side initially so I raised them, yours may well be in the longest already.
Are you running 35mm bars as I'd say they're a no go on the dorados. I'm currently on a 45mm stem with no issues.

I've had good reliability in general but there's a few things that you may need to do, over time maybe say 2 months the forks can drop into the travel, to fix that you just have to connect the pump back up and it gets them back to normal.

Also pressure can build up in the damper side, you can release the pressure just by unscrewing the damper side cap but you only need to do that once every few weeks. i did notice that Eddie masters proto fork has air bleed valves. Other than those things I've had no problems and they're just minor inconveniences.

To improve performance I bought some skf combined oil and dust seals, it makes a night and day difference to the forks.

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Gee atherton 2.59.34 Tracy Hannah 3.32.45

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@Weite I'd like to hear more about this, if you were willing to share the full details? It's terrible that bigger companies can do these things with next to no consequences.

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