Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Detail Pics

Enjoy some detail shots of the new aluminum Ibis Ripmo AF frame. Ibis' attention to detail isn't lost on the alloy option!

Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Detail Pics

The new Ibis Ripmo AF is an instant class leader.
DW Suspension, cutting edge geometry: the Ripmo AF is at home on your after work mellow rip as well as your Saturday park days.

Ripmo AF frames are available in "Red Savina" as well "Metal". As usual Ibis has paired two very different colors that both look really good with all your bits hung on them. I think I lean towards the red - BUT, the metal colorway could be really nice with some bright components... These are the best of problems, picking the sickest color options!

DW Suspension is balanced, competent and capable. Don't settle for "it works in the parking lot" suspension when you have options like the class leading Dave Weagle offerings.

In the market? Chat with the experts at for the ultimate spec, setup, tune and pricing in MTB. BikeCo's after sales service helping riders dial in suspension, tires and cockpit.  Newer riders particularly benefit, enjoying their bikes while learning the sport without fighting a setup.

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