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All I can think about watching the video:

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Aaah. CLOCK punishing... My mistake

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Id love to see some links for a little older bikes... sb5.5 *cough cough*

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The thing I don't get about ebikes, is why does every video NEED to tell me they are on ebikes. Just ride your bike.

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Golden hour mustache rides just sounds wrong

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What the hell was that god awful music in all the bike sequences. Jeezus wept!!
Is that near the Prohibition Pig? Great area. Sick trails. Awesome beer.

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Yeti SB165 過期男孩


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Nice work on the paint job, very clean.

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Do you have that “Live Uncaged” graphic because you can’t fit a bottle cage?

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Kona Process 165

I dig your bike and am considering ordering one online at discount. I’m also considering putting a Fox 180 fork on it with the money saved. Your thoughts?

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Fox your gear is dope but you need a longer inseam option for your pants. Some of us are taller than 5’8”. Capri pants look silly and don’t keep the cold out. Thanks!

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Was the first World Cup I saw live (Freecaster?) and was blown away by the footage from the bottom of the rock garden. Been hooked since!

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Pivot Phoenix DH Carbon 2017

Frickin gorgeous baby!

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That Landcruiser setup is legit

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Intense 951 evo Ohlins Bos

Daddy like

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Aaron Gwin 3:26.17
Rachel Atherton 4:16.91

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