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Added reply in a thread Were You Guilty Of It: Big Seats 4/2/2011 10:29 AM

I never had a Big Boy, but used to run a fat BMX seat on my street/trials bike for seat pinching. It allowed for tire tap barspins, X-up abubicas and, my favorite, toboggan abubicas/drops.

Added a comment about press release Skid Row Magazine in Australia 4/2/2011 10:10 AM
Big Bird

I hope so. Do we really need a Bike Vogue?

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Added a comment about video Vienna Air King 1st day 4/2/2011 10:04 AM

Nice set! A.T. style.

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Added a comment about video Pointers: Hippie Bike Wash 4/1/2011 6:33 PM

I used to have the luxury of having a creek in my backyard. Ride, get muddy, get home, dip some water to rinse the bike while still wet and drip dry. Oh, and I guess lube the chain.

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Added a comment about video In My Life- Andrew Taylor 4/1/2011 6:10 PM

I was starting to wonder why I've seen you in town so much.

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Added reply in a thread A fun one 3/25/2011 9:07 PM

That's my life plan too, but work keeps getting in the way.

Added reply in a thread Ever wonder what Sven is up to? 3/25/2011 8:51 PM

Slack is good. Mine is 62 degrees. That one is 61.2 degrees. The slacker wars are on! R.I.P. Jugs.

Added a comment about video Hillbilly Rampage 3/25/2011 8:20 PM

As a genetic southerner growed up in Californee, I find myself confused as to whether of not I should be offended by this so called "Tomfoolery". I'm tryin' hard to be offended, but I just can't stop laughing long enough.

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Added a comment about video Cam and Tyler McCaul Fox edit 3/25/2011 7:47 PM

Yea Big Mac and Junior Burger! It's great to see the two of you working together. If that's the spot I think it is, I've been looking at it for years, decades? Have either of you been working on that nak-whip?

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Added reply in a thread What Else Do You Dork Out On? 3/19/2011 1:05 PM

It's great to see all the interest in cooking. I love the "PINNED!" engraving on the knife. I set the speed record at the culinary school where I went. I've got a great technique for micro dicing garlic, that I developed while working at a restaurant ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bike Flash Mob 3/19/2011 12:40 PM

I'm not sure of the occupant of the Red Bull helmet, but it's good to see that Europe still loves trials. I want to turn my hardtail back into a trials bike, my back be damned!

Added reply in a thread Don't Ask, Don't Tell 3/19/2011 12:20 PM

Yea. Jugs was a great trail. I helped build the middle part with the drop to right berm and out to the road crossing. I actually got to do a photo shoot on it with the Syndicate riders once and guess what? They were driving around and shuttling in a ... more »

Added reply in a thread NorCal/SoCal split? 3/19/2011 11:50 AM

I'm tired of checking this forum and reading "State of Jefferson!'. What does that mean and why should I care?

Added reply in a thread Santa Cruz Riders 3/19/2011 11:47 AM

Sasquach Canyon is a BMX blog produced by a guy named Jackson who along with his friends does a lot of digging at the 40. They have upped the level of jump building technology, building beautiful square edged lips and landings, often elevated off the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Randy Spangler and Josh Bender Video 3/14/2011 9:34 AM

Didn't bother watching the video, as I have zero respect for Bender. Hucking your meat to crash is no way to represent our sport to the general public. I'm stoked that better riders have surpassed his vertical drop record, with a 360 thrown in to boot. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Don't Ask, Don't Tell 3/14/2011 9:25 AM

I found the SKIDWORKS trail yesterday! Here's the GPS info... Just kidding.

Added reply in a thread Least Appealing Bike Of All Time? 3/12/2011 9:26 AM

Personally, I thought you all had your forum topics wrong with the sexiest bikes thread. I'd vote that Specialised FSR DH as one of the ugliest.

Added reply in a thread Dirt Jump Etiquette 3/8/2011 10:00 AM

I'm surprised that there were no other responses to this, as it is such an important issue, but I suppose that they pretty well covered most of the basses. Except one. Though I suppose this could fall under cleaning up after your self. DON'T SHIT ON ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supercross making 26" BMX bikes? 3/8/2011 9:40 AM

Yea 73.5 is crazy steep. I built myself a hardtail with a 71 and it steers real quick. Usually with BMX geometry, people put the BB above the axle level, which always feels weird to me. It's nice to see this one with a reasonable BB height. I wonder ... more »

Added reply in a thread My Tramontane Mk2 Proto. 3/8/2011 9:26 AM

Sweet. I see that you're from Australia. When you go into production, will you have U.S. distribution?