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Love the X-up at 2:54. Don't see that trick much in a video.

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Yea backlit photography with sun-overpowering flash. Boris looks like a man-child in those skinny jeans, shoes and salt n peppa beard.

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Finally graduating to them big boy wheels.

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Those are not electric. They just velcro vinyl covers to keep grips from getting wet and dirty until you're in the start house. No greasy mechanic's hands will be touching those grips either to contaminate the rubber.

That Trek link has more to do with suspension than handlebar grips... Many teams have experimented with shock warmers to keep the shock oil near 25 deg C.

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Sam loves cut spikes. He used them at Schladming for two wins. He uses them in deep, loamy wet dirt as well as in deep, moon dust dry tracks. Helps him slide on those inside lines.

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Must have been trying to win a Darwin award.

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The Eastern States Cup is doing great things for the sport in the Northeast. But having raced the ESC in 2010, 2011 and 2012, I was always surprised at the lack of safety--course marshals and crash pads included--at some of the stops on the series. It ... more »

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Check out this Fox pdf to see the innards.

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A simple explanation is that the oil damper controls how much the spring is allowed to move. The oil has two pathways (HSC or LSC) when the fork is compressed and each of these pathways has a "valve" so to speak to regulate when the oil is allowed to take each compression route. Each compression pathway has a separate rebound pathway back to the main chamber which can be regulated (HSR and LSR).

When the shock moves slowly over a small bump the low velocity/impulse/force moves the oil through the low speed compression route. Usually this is stiff on the compression to resist movement (of the spring) and free flowing on the rebound to allow the spring's force to quickly get the shock back to its resting position ready for the next bump.

In the high speed compression situation the high velocity/impulse/force allows the oil to move via the high speed compression route. This route requires that the high speed velocity threshold to be surpassed. Once it is surpassed, the spring is free to move during the compression to soak up the huge drop, but will slowly rebound to resist the spring snapping back to its resting position and bucking the rider.

To answer your question, the high speed and low speed are separate situations and the fork will behave differently according to which path the oil flowed through. No, the LSR doesn't take over from HSR once the damping slows the fork's movement. When the fork is bottomed out the slow rebound damping is taking place because the oil has taken HSC and HSR oil routes.

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Nice write-up, more please!
Here is my somewhat similar story:
I used to love doing wheelies and also "working" on my bike, aka putting your bike upside down and turning the cranks with your hand, as well as the occasional oh-so-tricky removal of the wheel with the QR.
One day, I guess I had not...more

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What's the logic behind the opinion that a tighter track is a more compelling race to watch?

Think about it; is a race whereby at the first split, if the rider is one or two seconds down the race is over (i.e. like Leogang); is this more or less likely to keep you on the edge of your seat....


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I'm with you.

The UCI could host Downhill races on a pavement slope--no turns. The race would be really tight. It also wouldn't come down to skill so much as to the tires, aerodynamics, bike weight, etc. for the win. Keeping it difficult and fast will make sure those who win won because of skill and fitness not because they had 29" vs. 26" wheels.

Everyone seemed to like the Andorra course and Schladming, why can't UCI learn from rider feedback and try to incentivize these type of locations into hosting WC races?

On a different note, any rider who complains in an interview is makes me want to turn the video off. I don't see how sponsors can have these riders flying their flag when they talk negatively on camera. Just makes me wonder how much crap they are talking when the camera if off. You're riding your bike (and getting paid or free gear). Be happy!

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You can buy bait bike tracking stuff here for pretty cheap (less than $200). Worth the money when your bike is likely 20x that. It uses GPS and GSM tech. GPS for when it's outdoors; otherwise, the GSM network and SIM card can ping their website with ... more »

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What I don't understand is that Danny is a Schwalbe rider. So why didn't he have their new TU Bliss system?,219