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Misty mountain leef peepers at the Burke Whip-Off, and Victory Hill. Connor Bianchi, Elias Cooper, Teagan Foley, Day Ide, Knight Ide, Ian Major, Mike Mansmann, Ryan McEvoy, Forest Mello, Ethan Mosedale, Mark Clement, I Break Horses, Odd Nosdam, Stephen Pope

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Vermont's fastest group of groms is back at it again! We've got the racing and jumping of kids and coaches training hard and having fun. East Burke, Vermont is the team's home turf and it's one of the best places to grow and learn and shred. Thanks to the sponsors and for Knight Ide for ringleading this shindig.

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Added a new video Beast Coasters 15: Mountain Cubs 11/6/2017 3:32 PM

BC 15 is classic east coast good times with the boys. We've got jams at the mini-slope course known as The Hollow, we've got trail ninja young gun Quinn Campbell, and we've got bronanigans at Burke. Enjoy!

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Isaac Allaire is a DH and enduro racer born and raised in Vermont. Sugarbush is one of his favorite training grounds because it's raw and rowdy and fast as hell. Their huge network of trails harken back to old-school pre-bike park trails because of their natural and rough terrain. It's fast and furious and effing real fun.

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Lana Del Rey was born in upstate New York and she babysat one of our friends when they were six. Wilmington and Lake Placid have an awesome riding scene with tons of different trails and fun terrain. Hometown homie Cam Willis and the Barkeaters Trail Alliance (BETA) showed us the goods, thanks fellas!

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Added a new video Beast Coasters 12: Drone Bone 11/3/2017 9:55 AM

We're back baby - first vid of 2017 in all its ghetto ramp summertime glory. Burke is a mountain of sunshine and fireworks, skidder lines and possibilities. Everyday is full of fresh air and excitement. Thanks for watching, enjoy.

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Set amidst a backdrop of political and spiritual turmoil, a small band of dusty bros were able to find a common ground and escape the factory of madness. And together, they filmed some biking. Shot throughout Vermont's NEK in the autumn of 2016, we are proud to present our 11th video. Thanks Cam Willis and Earthtone Media BC: Connor Bianchi, Connor Daley, Barrett Hibshman, Ryan McEvoy, Ethan Mosedale, Stephen Pope, Henry Wilkins Music: Link Wray & His Ray Men, Drake, El Ultimo Vecino, Camille Saint-Saens, EZTV

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It's alive. Unearthed from the darkness and now into light, Reed Boggs and Adam Hauck mega shred the Louisville, Kentucky Mega Cavern.

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Beast Coasters 10 babee! Quinn Campbell, Knight Ide, Ryan McEvoy, Robbie Wait, and Henry Wilkins eat chips and sand pits in the lawless wonder of St. Johnsbury, Vermont. These industrial outcasts are drunken sandboxes and we're cowboys on recess. We also take a moment to look back on all our previous episodes, because this is our 10th and holy shit how time flies. It's been funn and reaal. Thanks to everyone we've met, filmed and rode with along the way - you're what it's all about. The future is full of new exciting changes and we're stoked. Stay tuned. Turn and face the strange. Bowie 4 everr. Beast Coasters: Marc Bryce, Quinn Campbell, Knight Ide, LSDV, Stephen Pope, Ryan McEvoy, Robbie Wait, Henry Wilkins Music: De La Soul, Odd Nosdam, Splashh

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We are super stoked to present y'all with the IdeRide Jr. Race Team! These heavy little shredders are: Quinn Campbell, Barrett Hibshman, Wilder Hudson, Day Ide, Zack Lemieux, and Ethan Mosedale. They dig, practice, shred, race, and send it to the moon and can't even vote yet. Knight Ide is the ring leader. These gromladons know what it is to have fun on a bike. Video: Beast Coasters Music: Odd Nosdam, The Go! Team

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It's the Downhillsoutheast Round 3 at Bailey Mountain Bike Park in all its dusty down South glory. This new series, organized by Neko Mulally and friends, is as great as a full rack of ribs and some sweet tea tell yall what. It's by the riders, for the riders and it's only just beginning. Shoot! Get tuned in! Music: Harry McClintok, Dirty Fences Special thanks to OG BC Tommy Kitsos for DOP assistance.

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Sugarbush, a mountain resort within the wonders of the Mad River Valley, has much to offer. Garson Fields has a quick shred on its raw and rowdy terrain. Then we head to Thunder Mountain in Western Mass aka Southern Vermont. This brand new baby is the place to be. Virgin dirt and Gravity Logic are a power couple having an open bar at their wedding on a volcano. Mickey Denoncourt, former owner of Spooky Bikes, solemnizes their glorious ceremony. Enjoy. And stay tuned for BC10 coming out later this month. Beast Coasters: Jake Anderson, Mickey Denoncourt, Garson Fields, Alex Mercer, Collin McBride, Adam Plumley, Stephen Pope, LSDV Music: Odd Nosdam, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Fuzz

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Our newest shredisode features Burke Mt. in all its schralpical thunder. This is hot summertime glory. This is a passion fruit filled buffet of skids, tricks, wildlife, and brapplesauce. Enjoy!

Beast Coasters: Connor Bianchi, Connor Daley, Ryan McEvoy, Ethan Mosedale, Stephen Pope, LSDV

Music: Girls, Odd Nosdam

See all the Beast Coasters Episodes

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Lyndonville, VT is inside the Northeast Kingdom and is home to some deep woods and good dirt. No dig no ride baby! Beast Coasters: Connor Bianchi, Tommy Kitsos, Ryan McEvoy, Stephen Pope, OG, LSDV Music: Odd Nosdam, Tamaryn

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Alex Rankin says "Hardtails still rule." We agree all the way. Ryan McEvoy and Stephen Pope put away the dual-sussers and go ride Knight's palace of tranny and Burke Mt. bird of paradise. Now go watch Earthed 3 and get rowdy! Beast Coasters: Ryan McEvoy, Stephen Pope, Connor Daley, Eamon Deegan, LSDV Music: Odd Nosdam, Sweet Valley, WAVVES

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Isaac Ill-Air visits NEMBAFest at Kingdom Trails and also Burke Mt. for some good green summertime shredding. NEMBAFest is a fun ass time and takes place in one of the most awesome areas in the world, Burke VT. There's amazing riding, a stacked bike expo with a million bike demos, live music, donkeys and ponies and lots of party biking. Don't miss it. Also, ride Burke Mt. it obviously rules too. Beast Coasters: Isaac Allaire, Stephen Pope, Camp Muntz, LSDV Music: Odd Nosdam, WAVVES, Sweet Valley

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