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Here is my DH setup:,3938/all#setup

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When I try new jumps (mostly gaps), I like to have someone I trust to follow on those. Plus, we have those expressions we tell each other with my riding buddy: "suck up and do it" or "harden the F up" - usually do the trick as it makes us giggle and ... more »

Reply to Lets see your injuries! 12/11/2010 8:43 PM

The Collarbone pics is from the day I was allowed to ride again - 9 weeks post injury. No need of surgery as the doc said it wouldn't make it straight anyway

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Crash at nationals this summer: broke my collarbone in 2 places and broke and dislocated my elbow (you can see how the forearm has healed up too from a horse back riding accident 15 years ago)

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