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My love went with me on vacation to visit Jojo "Johnny" Neumeier in Hafjell (Norway)! Hafjell is a sweet little village surrounded by the norwegian nature! The only thing that keeps people in action there is the bike park. Mareikes bike days in a year they can be counted on their own fingers, so I had much respect that she was able to ride the trails and had much fun while doin this! But this is alsopossible beacuase of the very well-built trails, where everyone can have fun, whether beginner, intermediate or expert! But see for yourself what I have brought you out of my video workshop!

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Nothing beats riding with a good buddy! Looks like you're chugging a 40 at the end.

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I love riding trails with my buddy, but after riding a trail 3-4 times he knows almoust every line and beats me in almost every run Maybe he also had a chance agaist Gwinny

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They've got some flow going on for sure...especially the double-double @ 1:45. Nice work!

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That dog may have somethin' for Gwinny!

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Who is faster .. Rusty the Dog or Sascha Bamberg aka Bam Hill .... Cam: Konstantin Kappe Cablecam: Philipp Riese Cut: Bam Hill Music: Subsyndrome - Bam 'n' Rusty Sponsoren:

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