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I don't think we need to worry about athletes confirming they are off GT. The brand did all the necessary confirmation needed. Rachel Strait and Wyn will make quite the dynamic duo at the EWS...

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Jesus. Thanks for making sure the GT news was well established in this thread. I'm looking forward to seeing what Brook can do on a solid bike again. Same with Jackson too.

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Cool Story, Chad. Let this thread be for the ream tumors of the future. Go start a a new thread about your disdain for Gwin's beliefs and politics related to the Cheeto King.

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As someone that loves to take credit for things I didn't do, I recognize it when I see it. I'm pretty sure Neko said that he didn't take credit for starting and building the existing trails. He is however taking credit for making it more accessible and improving upon the infrastructure already in place.

Brad, I'm sure I can get a ticket for yourself and "Chad" to the Player Haters Ball, If you'd like. Slide into my DM's if so...

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No patent pending marketing key words... Is this actually a better product than the current Racecraft?

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If only it added sealant at the same time. You could truly milkit.

I would be curious to see how well this worked on a setup that doesn't have the tire already seated.

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