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Jack is listed at 55th.

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I second this. Came here for the mountain bikes...

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Can you put this crap on a 2nd website. This is an MTB site.

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’m super curious if a moto-style wheel setup is really relevant to MTB or if this is just the latest industry direction to drive the market. I don’t have a ton of experience with dirt bikes, but they’re just so different considering the torque, the throttle, the weight, body position... is a smaller, fatter rear really going increase performance? In this case, it feels even more suspect, like YT is trying to blur the lines even further between MTB and Moto even though riding electric assist is lightyears away from having a throttle.

Re: ebikes? I’ve tried to change my mind but it just feels so wrong to me.

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I'm sure you're close!

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What about plate number 80085?

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As with all things, there are trade offs in a build. In this case it came down to weight. I would have preferred the tire profile and strength of the agent but the 3mm difference doesn’t create a drastic difference in profile and with a no questions asked warranty, the strength concerns were mitigated (not that I’m...more

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I think the stabilization is a huge step up. I’ve used it for snowbording and biking and the footage looks way more dialed than on past cameras. For me, it’s become far more usable and worth having.

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The NX model is actually shipped almost completely assembled, unlike the higher models. But you’re right that the “direct to consumer” discount isn’t really there.

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No wonder all those trails are six feet wide now.

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What a stud. Somebody get the poor guy some goggles!

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Funny, that old Maxxis ad of the guy holding Andreu by the collar is still running in Bike mag.

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If it’s all about results, what are they doing with Gee?

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No comment on the fact that his fork crown has Zero offset and it's all in the dropouts? Craziest mod on the bike for sure.

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I know they have new PBJs coming in stock in October. Doesn't look like they were showing any at euro bike though.

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Kinda weird that he is running full Zee and not Saint.

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Stoked to check this out. How's the content? i.e. can I watch this with my wife and kids without getting in trouble?

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Probably the biggest difference is that the rear wheel of the 275 doesn't wear a hole in the seat of his pants like the 29 does

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True dat Spomer. Also there is a lot of talk about tall guy vs short guy, straight track vs tech track, fun vs speed....which is all good and dandy, but what about some actual scientific analysis of the physics of 27.5 vs 29? There must be some boss nerd mtbers...more

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The science says a bigger wheel is slower to accelerate but has a higher top speed and increased rollover efficiency. Beyond that, nobody has any data because there are way too many variables. Rider size and strength, tire tread, compound and pressure, wheel stiffness, suspension, geometry, corners, rotational velocity on jumps, the variables are insane. That's why my hunch is this whole thing is primary a massive PR coup by Santa Cruz, the Emperors New Clothes. the head game is such a big part of racing. I just can't imagine that across all riders, bikes and tracks that minor variations in wheelsize make a consistent difference. Especially for the average rider, having ridden all three sizes extensively none have a meaningful impact on my speed, skill, or enjoyment. Pick your preference. Suspension setup, geometry, tire pressure, grip compound, stem length, brake brand... these all impact my average ride as much or more than wheelsize. For those at the pinnacle, it'll be fun to see if they can eek out a meaningful advantage one way or the other. All that said, I'm going to pause and just appreciate having a life that allows me to spend precious mental and temporal capital on the MTB wheel size debate. Life is good!

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