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IS It still just bushing and not bearings?
The current genius and sparks only have a couple bearings on all the suspension design, and those bushing/washer combos are nightmares for creaks and maintenance.
At that kind of high end bike, bearing would be nice, even if it gets heavier.

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Looks like all the other Pivots!
Where is the logic on making the 170mm travel bike 30lbs, and the 120mm travel..30lbs?!

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Some bike currently on the market (wfo, new Rip 9, stumpy 29) don't necessarily have the "right" numbers on paper as far as angles, reach and chainstay lenght, but the rider weight is centered on these bikes and that s really what matters, and makes them great trail bikes. Seems like they re tweaking it to the details to get there.

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Ah! This is still going around!
Good times.

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The high roller is really good in the front, and the DHF rolls faster in the back.
Those frames are pretty light. The rear shock is too. The bike is exactly 29.96.

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Bike of the Day June 14, 2016!

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