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This project was created to inspire and push the boundaries of what is possible to build and ride on a bike. My goal is to create new features in the biking world and build the most unique trails possible. 

This project is dedicated to - Joe McGowan, Kelly McGarry, and Stevie Smith.


"Other's have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. ”

 ― Pablo Picasso

Alan Building his last landing in the line.



I was born and raised in Lander WY, Population - 7,732 and I grew up on an emu ranch ten miles outside of town helping my parents with the family tile and granite business. I think I probably have one of the more unique stories of becoming a slopestyle rider/ trail builder because I had such minimal MTB influences in my life. One day I stumbled across the "Drop In series" when I started getting into riding. I immediately knew I wanted to ride mountain bikes on the types of jumps and terrain they were riding. Living in this small town with no sort of MTB development meant I had to learn how to build these things. This combination fuelled what became my life's passion of becoming a trail builder and rider today.

Alan coming off the 1 degree over vertical quarter pipe.


"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" 

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson



I went to Capilano University on the Sunshine Coast, BC and completed the Mountain Bike Operations program which opened the flood gates for opportunity to work in the MTB industry. Following my passion for building and wanting to get as much experience as possible, I started working with Jay Hoots owner of Hoots Inc. for the last several years. I learned many things from Jay and all of the projects we've worked on. I have been wanting to really push my trail building to the next level in the last couple of years, so this project was the start of that. I have reached a point with my riding and building that I feel the need to go out and try and build all of these creative ideas I have for projects all over the world. 



"To me, all of it is art. Its something I have to do, not something I need to do" 

- Alan Mandel

Alan checking out his first jump

"I wanted to take all of my experience and knowledge I have learned over the years and apply it all to a project that was on the land where it all started for me"



Alan Putting his EVOC Trail builder bag to the test.

I have put many hours into building and riding over the years trying to achieve a dream that I have always had.

"To build exactly what I want, and to ride it exactly how I envisioned it being ridden"

I plan to continue building as many creative courses, trails, and features as I can for the rest of my life. I am very excited to keep sharing with everyone my visions for projects through videos and pictures in the coming months and years. I have already started my next project and I cant wait to show everyone what I'm working on now!

You can follow all of my day to day building and riding progress on my Instagram by clicking on the link bellow.

I can't thank everyone involved in this project enough, especially my parents! 

Special thanks goes out to: 
- Lander Cycling Club 
- Lander Parks and Rec 
- Baldwin Creek Rentals 
- Joe Artery 
- To everyone who came out and helped dig 

Video by: Kyle Duba 
Arial footage: Brian Hensien 

Photos By:
WIlly Ratz
Josh Mandel 
Mei Ratz
Alan Mandel 

Thank you to my sponsors: 
- Norco Bicycles 
- Cane Creek 
- BulletPrufe Denim
- The Lander Bike mill 
- RiboBlast

Extra special thanks to:
Kyle Duba and Brian Hensien for all of their time on this project.

Written by: Alan Mandel 
Contact email: 

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