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Sunday saw the 3rd race of the WP DH series up in the Jonkershoek valley. An awesome autumn day starting off cool and overcast with the sun peeping through the cloud later in the day. The track was dry and dusty and had a nice fast new extension up top.

The format was a bit different. Instead of having a shuttle day on Saturday and 2 race runs on Sunday it was all squeezed into one day with 1 race run. Shuttles started early, around 8am and with the new extension the shuttle trip was a bit longer than usual, definitely worth it, but it also meant guys weren't going to get as many practice runs in.

Dylan Els dropping into the track

Robert Starke

Theo Erlangsen

Devon Katzen


Jaco Veldsman

Gareth Rodney

Myles Kelsey

Shuttle & View


Mark Hopkins on his Pyga 29er

Harry Sandell & Ike Klaassen

Theo Erlangsen

Jacques Prins

Maarten Prins


Devon Katzen

Dane Olsen

Luke Davis

Robyn Geldenhys

Paul Morris

Theo Erlangsen

Rika Olivier

Luke Davis unleashing his inner rooster

Theo Erlangsen

Duran van Eeden

Practice ended around 2pm with the track was looking a bit rough. Most berms were powder pits and the steep chute was resembling a staircase more and more with all the break bumps - the track was still fast and ready for action though. We also had some issues with staff MIA and there was quite a delay before racing started, but all got sorted in the end and the 1st riders came down for their runs at 3:40pm. The wait gave me a chance to watch the light moving on the mountains and get some shots when the spotlights hit the right places. It was nice to shoot in the afternoon light and once the riders started coming down, they were coming thick and fast and we were back to our posts.

The Peaks

Peter Futter

Ike Klaasen 1st sprog - Love these little guys!

Wynand La Grange

Jaco Veldsman

Flat up top with a nice solid bail on your only run... I felt for Pieter Henning. 2nd write up he's made with a flat, hopefully luck will be on his side next time.

Chris Nixon

Myles Kelsey

Timo Godfrey

Adi van der Merwe

Elite Top 3

Overall Top 5:

1st Adi van der Merwe 02:44:03

2nd Duran van Eeden 02:48:39

3rd Theo Erlangsen 02:49:28

4th Luke Davis 02:49:42

5th Adriaan "Smittie" Smit 02:50:56

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