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The UCI takes a lot of shit (sometimes for good reason), but I gotta say the 2019 DH schedule was a fantastic variety of tracks. The new venues combined with the addition of more raw/tech sections at the existing stops made for near superhero/video game level performance. I know a lot of people still call for more races, but the fact that we can watch this degree of talent tackle such challenging courses for free is still amazing to me. Can't imagine what next year will look like.

There always needs to be a flat out/grass turn track (like Les Gets) in the line up. The high speeds and loose riding are edge-of-the-seat stuff that the riders seem to enjoy as well.

Danny's manual through the rocky left hander after the Steve Smith drop at MSA is still one of the coolest moves from the year. Sure there were harder/trickier moves, but the way he executes it so casually just oozes style.

Bring on the offseason rumors!

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Perfect. Now everyone who just finished building their AXS wireless dream build gets to drop another 1k because there's no WAY they can live without these to tie it all together.

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It seems like he has always had an obsession with carrying as much speed as possible but in context of the entire run. Using subtle body english to extract maximum speed in non-pedaling situations. A sixth sense of grip in all conditions and the courage to never submit to the crash until hes actually on the ground. His fluidity and intuitive understanding of vehicle dynamics appear to allow him to ride more on instinct then calculation. Meaning less hesitation which is where hes making up all that time.

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Media squids manualing through town against traffic with a full camera pack onboard may be the most confident move I've seen

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Best WC final ever but also best reporting right here...
Thank you VitalMTB and all the squids.

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DVO Onyx SC is worth a look. Burly chassis, very tunable. Low speed range is a bit limited, but the zillion clicks of high speed allow you to really fine tune the big hit support without going too harsh. Fully serviceable in house for a decent shop/home ... more Β»

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Specialized just invented the Santa Cruz!!

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You sound like a good candidate for CushCore. I can highly recommend them. Not only do they protect your rim, but the improvement in grip/support is significant.

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That's why they call him Greg Minngnarly

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My bum is on the SWEDISH......SWEDISH

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Braut N' Brews?

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Hart podiums with flat tire, Greg 7th with a crash. That's what you call professional.

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Sorry, realizing that is not clear. Versus the normal Arktos 29 with 29 wheels front and rear.

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Yeeeewww! Proper flat out off camber grassy DH racing!

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The regular rotating cast of characters in the top 5. That crew is operating on an amazing level of consistency right now.

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Looks like he's not running the rear triangle extensions?

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Toe strap is a nice touch

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