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Hey @JVP, the tires tested were indeed the 3C MAXX SPEED compound. Before I rode them, I was also skeptical that the MAXX SPEED would perform well in the PNW - especially in the wet.

To put it in perspective, just before the Forekaster I was riding Minion DHFs in both MAXX GRIP and MAXX TERRA compounds. In wet conditions the Forekaster was competitive with them. I attribute this to the Forekaster being better at clearing mud and slop than the Minions and I was able to run about 7psi lower (on 5mm wider rims) and get the same tire feel with a bit of added contact patch on rocks and roots.

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It should be fun anywhere you would ride your Scratch!

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Alon, I would feel comfortable riding this fork on any trail I would take my trail bike down (also about 160-170mm travel). It has been a very solid performer for me and I would expect it to perform great on whatever you can throw at it. The Metric is very similar to the X-Fusion RV1 downhill fork, so you could check out that review if you want another similar, but slightly different perspective.

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Hi David, if you could please help me with a few questions:
I have one bike which I use for all the riding I do (Trek Scratch, 170mm travel bike). most of the trails I ride are AM in nature, where you have to earn the descents, and some DH here and there. I prefer DH over AM but there...more

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Specialized clutch on my trail bike, you can get it in three casing options depending on how hard you want to blast. Little bit slower rolling than a larsen TT or anything, but not enough to make too big of a difference since your descent will be that ... more »

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suspension/rigid fork preference is up to you. 25-9 ratio will be pretty damn hard to pedal.... totally different than your bmx ratio with the different wheel sizes

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DMR used to (still might) make a frame with 14mm dropouts, but the spacing on a bmx rear hub is 110mm which is too narrow for a MTB frame anyways (135mm). a new BB for your cranks should only be about $40 at the most, but you may also need a longer spindle. ... more »

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I agree with TRex... championships early OR BRING THEM BACK TO SOL VISTA. Official unofficial champs need to happen. We don't need the USAC to have a solid race with "rules" and the extra junk they like to bring along with their bad attitudes.

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that kind of ridiculous reaction by that lady could ONLY happen at winter park....

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I cant believe I just watched ten minutes of hucks to flat.... wow. Definitely brought me back to the good ol days though. The CU scenes were pretty cool to see.

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Yeah. There is. It is called your local bike shop. They have this great feature... you go in and ask for a part and actually talk to people!!! It sounds crazy, I know, but you should try it. They can get almost any part you want, and the best thing is, ... more »

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It is true that keystone has generally shitty maintenance, but you bought a downhill bike to ride rough trails, not the bike path, right?? Sol Vista maintenance is on an ad needed basis, but mainly pertains to safety issues (super sketchy boulders after ... more »

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If you like wooden berms, definitely Keystone.... so many epic wooden berms everywhere!!! You can get in there and just go beefy on wooden berms all day long. Also they have a lot of good beginner terrain, so probably there.

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Yeah, I know how. Here is how to build it and ride it, step by step. (You can print this out and refer to it as you go) So you want to go to that store that sells wood. Buy some. Take it home. Put it near where you want to build said wooden berm. Dig ... more »

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Me.... This year's graphics are overdone and disgusting IMO