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New thread No-pedal Shifting - Easy Shift from HXR Components 12/23/2015 11:49 AM

Would you ride it? A novel approach to pedal-less shifting:

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What's up VitalMTB! My name is Andy or 970Biking as the interwebs has come to know me. Started riding bikes back in 2004, when Spomer ran an awesome online magazine called LitterMag (proof below!).

Have been all over the place since then including ... more »
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Quoted from Engadget "Whatever you think of these requirements, you'll have a chance to offer some feedback. The FAA is expected to make its proposal before the end of the year, and there will be a public comment phase where your input (hopefully) influences ... more »

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Is that a marizocchi on the STP? I can't comment on the Kromo as I never owned or ridden one... but I did enjoy the STP while I had it. However, both bikes will be great starter bikes before you figure out what feels good to you. For me I went from a ... more »

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When we were staying in Winter Park for Crankworx Colorado, we rode Trestle on our hard tails for a few runs as a warm up before hitting the slopestyle. It can be done, especially some trails on trestle... but be prepared for a pretty bumpy, arm pumpy ... more »

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Check out the 360 Video HERE!

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I personally have been running Atom Lab Trail Pimps... they have outlasted 2 frames and a fork. I have 3 spokes missing, and have for months, and they are still reasonably true. I'll be buying them again if they ever get too beat!

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The Hooter Booter getting roughed in:

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Live Webcam Feed:

Winter Park Base Cam
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scriz - there are some seriously big lines at the park! But then right next to those are mini dirt jumps and rollers that kids on strider bikes could hit... bring the whole family!

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bturman unleashing the backflip tuck no - to OMG I'm gonna die face in that second video hahaha.

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Lets put it this way: knees suck to injure. I blew out all but 1 ligament at Teva games one year and torn the meniscus in multiple places. I was told it was just a sprain but then 3 months later I jumped out of a truck and the whole joint buckled. Then ... more »

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im going to start building the smallest, most technical jumps ever conceived... oh wait. i did that already. okay, lets go big now...