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I still have not met a human who has bought an E-MTB.
Wait, I know 2 people and they did it so they could drink and ride better.

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Cute with the family man and all, but lame to have this option on multi user trails. Keep the electric to the commuters who need to get to work, not the rich guys who cant make time to pedal. Moto is bad ass on moto trails, pedal your singletrack and commute with your electric. I call super lame and hurter of sport! Silliness, "i got 4 kids!"

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Brendan- You wanna get laid man?
Steve- Lemme check...

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I agree that the leaders of UCI need to be done and a fresh crew needs to be hired. I do believe governing bodies are good for olympic and world sport, but when they are know to have a corrupt past, why hold on to them. If this happened in the business world, the CEO would get penalized as well.
Same with the riders. Get rid of them. 6 months over the winter, banned! Its not like these riders are even cool people to begin with. Anybody see Tyler Hamilton on TV telling the truth but still classic too-cool roadie, Lance has always seemed to be a big turkey, and that Timmy D guy, what a dork. Passion for sport nonexistent. They were always that cool guy who could only wear their team kit and couldnt look at you because you ran your seatpost too low. We didnt need them back then and we dont need them after this mess. We have Howard Grotts, Sepp Kuss and Colton Andersen to take their place. For every 10 of them there are 100 willing and dope free young adults waiting to have their shot.
Everybody makes mistakes, but these guys lost their turn and its up to us now.

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Heck yes. We gots a pretty rippin Gravity future at the Fort. Good luck at Crested Butte this weekend to the fellas.

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