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I'd like to chime in with my experience. I got one on loan to demo on my own bike since I'm local to them in Utah. No doubt it takes a few rides to get used to the fork! I had to adjust to riding more forward on the bike which is a part of what makes the fork work well. It wasn't until a very long day of muddy wet and cold rock riding that I had the breakthrough moment that I hadn't dabbed in hours of riding while buddies were slipping around.

After I removed the fork and went back to my Lyric 170 that I noticed how soft and un supportive my old fork was. I had spent a year of dialing in my compression and tokens and now it just wasn't the same. Of course, I tried firmer settings but then I lost the tracking I needed.

I eventually had to have one on my bike. -I did get a hookup- I'll admit that.

I'm a tiny human at 125lbs and wondered if this fork would be even better for bigger riders that struggle with fork flex. I usually like pretty light damping too. I've been diligent about leaving the damping at the recommended settings.

I took it to Virgin during Rampage and rode all the scary lines I've always ridden and just loved the action on Flying Monkey, and the steep drop filled lines of Old Rampage.

I'm an old school rider that jumps wheel high too often and hangs off the back too much. I've had to focus on landing nose heavy more often to avoid the harshness of slapping the front wheel down. It's been good for my technique! It's so awesome to just point the front wheel right into trail garbage and centerpunch landings.

I understand that there are drawbacks but I feel the upsides are greater and I'm surprised that more people aren't saying how mind blowing it is through the rough hacked up trails. I hear people praising it for this but to me it's a real standout quality. The cornering is indeed amazing. The dynamic offset keeps the front wheel slightly further ahead of you during deep compressions which keeps the steering slowed down a bit and helps stability. I think that bikes don't need to be so slack with a Trust fork. We've gone crazy slack to keep the front wheel way out there but we just have had no choice. If the head angle was a little bit steeper the harsh slap down effect would be reduced. The fork stays up in it's travel so well that the front wheel almost seems too far out- too slack.

The price, well it's $256 more than a Fox 40 factory. Seems fair for a full carbon chassis, bearings, recirculating thru shaft damper, etc.

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Liked a comment about product review Unlike Anything Else - Trust Shout Linkage Fork Reviewed 1/31/2020 6:22 PM

Inverted and right side up forks will have the same behavior as they move through their stroke regarding the offset.

This product_review has 32 comments.