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Added reply in a thread Shimano shifter sticking. 1/20/2021 2:27 PM

It was the screw to remove the cable. I had it cranked in too far. It was put together aggressively. I have had this problem since August. I'm 48 and my patience are gone.

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I had a problem with my thumb shifter not springing back. I had to manually pull it back. I bought all new cables and housing. Didn't fix it. I bought a new derailleur and shifter. Still had the same problem. I took it a part cleaned lubed. So late last ... more »

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Added a comment about feature Tested: SDG Lock-On Grips by ODI 12/28/2020 5:49 AM

They are on upside down in the picture. Hope you switched them before the review. The dimples are for finger tips and cushion for your palm.

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Started new thread All Black components for Salty Michigan winters. It will eat your Chrome and Silver like candy.. 12/23/2020 12:35 PM

Dressed in Black for Salty Michigan winters.

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Updated photo album Salty Michigan Winters. 12/23/2020 12:27 PM
Salty Michigan Winters.
  • Salty Michigan Winters.

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Specialized Enduro elite 2019

How do you like that saddle? I had one in my cart but put it back.

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Every time I see a slammed down seat on a dirt jumper my left knee swells up. Am I the only guy with a bum knee who can ride DH and trail, but a dirt jumper or pump track will make your knee explode?

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