Get Better Performance from Your Air Fork with Vorsprung Suspension Luftkappe 20

Can this small piece of hardware make a big difference to how your fork rides? That's a resounding "yes" from us, read our review to find out more.

Video: LowFiVideoClub Issue 2 2

Enjoy this new episode featuring a bike edit from last two Masters of Dirt shows in Vienna and Graz and a tour of Rasoulution Agency.

Posted by sspomer on 3/9/2010 9:23 AM

Forum: Advice for First Super D Race? 8

Help a member out with some advice about racing Super D for the first time.

Posted by sspomer on 3/9/2010 8:37 AM

Exclusive Video: Chile, Part 2 8

Enjoy some footage gathered before and after the earthquake from our excursion to Chile...including the only day of practice at the La Parva race! FUERZA CHILE!

Posted by sspomer on 3/9/2010 8:06 AM


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History Lesson: Richard Lancaster in Chainsmoke 2 9

There was a time before 34" bars and 9" bb heights... and in that time, there was a shredder named Richard Lancaster. Here is his part from the VHS classic Chainsmoke 2.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/9/2010 7:49 AM

Member Video: Jumps in the Spring 2

It's spring and the jumps are rolling. Join Reece Wallace and crew in this low key edit.

Posted by bturman on 3/9/2010 7:29 AM

Video: 'Enjoy' by Dartmoor Bikes 1

45 minutes and 3 seconds of awesome. I'm pretty sure I saw a backflip double tailwhip and a triple barspin in there.

Posted by bturman on 3/9/2010 12:29 AM

Member Album: Brendan Howey 3

16 great photos from various photographers showcasing Howey's skills on a two wheeled machine. Lookin' good!

Posted by bturman on 3/8/2010 11:58 PM

Fogelsode #18: Bike Building and the Sandiest Step-Up 7

Rain sesh at one of the most recognized step-ups in the mtb world.

Posted by bturman on 3/8/2010 6:46 AM

Member Video: Hendrik Tafel 3

Solid park riding, smooth over everything, and some really snazzy foot-jam work in this.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/8/2010 12:31 AM

Member Video: Feb Jump Teaser 7

Nor-Cal dirt jumps at this time of year... can you really go wrong with that? By the way, tuck no handers are supposed to look like the thumbnail. Unless your name is Nathan Williams, then get those hands up, kiddos!

Posted by k.shiz on 3/8/2010 12:24 AM

Member Video: The Brolympics 12

Oh Canada! Some shredders on some fun looking jumps bro-ing down.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/8/2010 12:20 AM

Forum Topic: Other Hobbies? 44

Surely you don't just ride bikes 24/7 (as much as we would all like to), so what other hobbies hold a special place in your heart?

Posted by k.shiz on 3/7/2010 9:34 AM

Video: NorCal Quick Sesh 3

Cob made this amazing edit and never told anyone! Watch the likes of Semenuk, Andreu, and R-Dog ooze style somewhere in Elko, Nevada.

Posted by bturman on 3/7/2010 2:14 AM

Video: Los-P 6

The Russian crew is back at it again, throwing combos all day long . . .

Posted by bturman on 3/7/2010 2:07 AM

Video: Matt Simmonds Team CRC/Intense Bike Check 5

Get a good look at the prototype Intense frames and some other fancy bits that the Chain Reaction Cycles Team will be using this season on the World Cup race circuit.

Posted by bturman on 3/7/2010 1:42 AM

Inside Trek's Suspension R and D Lab 4

Take this video tour of Trek's Suspension R and D Lab in Southern California where prototypes, dynos and more help keep Trek a leader in the suspension game.

Posted by sspomer on 3/7/2010 1:17 AM

CARNAGE: Andrew Neethling's Valparaiso Crash 10

Check out this slow motion footage of Neethling's gruesome bar-clipper during the Valparaiso Urban Downhill. Glad you're in one piece, Needles!

Posted by sspomer on 3/6/2010 5:57 PM

Spy Shot: Minnaar in his new Five Ten Clip Shoes 7

Gary "Flipper" Perkin sent over this shot of Minnaar at the starting line of an endurance XC race wearing his new signature kicks from Five Ten. Nice!

Posted by sspomer on 3/6/2010 4:25 AM

Matti Lehikoinen and Ruriadh Cunningham Intense Video 14

Epic dirt blasting action from the Matti and R.C. as they warm up for the World Cup season in Socal.

Posted by sspomer on 3/5/2010 8:11 PM

Video: "How to Tailwhip" with Brandon Semenuk 5

Learn how to setup your bike and how to do the trick in this video brought to you by the Whistler based Summer Gravity Camps.

Posted by bturman on 3/5/2010 2:53 PM

Member Album: Sneak Peak at the Pan American DH Track

Guatemala will host the Pan American Mountain Bike Championships on April 7-11, 2010. The event is kind of like a mini World Cup, with top riders from several countries in attendance. Here's a sneak peak from Vital member Arpa at what's in store for the DH race.

Posted by bturman on 3/5/2010 2:10 PM

Jack Fogelquist's New Setup 7

Fogelsodes just got a little hotter. Photographer Justin Brantley posted up a bunch of photos and specs on Jack's flashy new ride.

Posted by bturman on 3/5/2010 1:11 PM

Handmade with Anka Martin 5

When Anka Martin isn't shredding the World Cup downhill circuit or abusing herself in a marathon XC race, she can be found making some incredible, one-of-a-kind clothing.

Posted by sspomer on 3/5/2010 11:45 AM

Auctions To Benefit Chile Earthquake Victims 2

The fine folks over at have put up some gear from Neethling and Polc to help raise a little money for victims of the recent natural disasters in Chile. Buy some cool stuff to help out a good cause!

Posted by k.shiz on 3/5/2010 8:47 AM

Member Video: Piter Andreev Winter 2010

Snow isn't stopping this guy from oozing with style and creativity on some snow covered jumps. Those half whip, half decade, half body 3 looking things are nuts. If there's a name for that, I'm not cool enough to know it.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/5/2010 8:36 AM

Member Video: Unexpected Thursday Volume 5 1

Where is this park? For two reasons, one that it looks awesome and two that it looks empty... and these guys take full advantage of that by shredding it and having a blast.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/5/2010 8:34 AM

Forum: Danny Mac 6

It's been about ten months since Danny Mac's breakout video lit up the interblags and all the trials dorks said, "It's about time" while all the rest of cycling replied with everything from blanketed trials hate to new found respect. Forum member alex.cirabisi re-shares this video well worth a 2nd (or 22nd) re-watching.

Posted by k.shiz on 3/4/2010 3:37 PM

Forum: Post Your Ride! 132

What does everyone ride? Post up your bikes in our forum! DH bikes, trail bikes, xc rigs, dirt jumpers, bmxs, crazy contraptions - whatever!

Posted by bturman on 3/4/2010 12:18 PM

Video: Teenage Revolution 5

Great skatepark footage. Great dirt jump footage. Great street footage. Great editing. Did I mention that this vid by Germany's Allride Productions is great yet? Because it is.

Posted by bturman on 3/4/2010 10:57 AM

Video: Sunday Single Track 7

Jason Headley comes through with another killer edit. Watch NWD rock star Grant Allen and Banshee's Alan Hepburn rip around on some super flowy single track.

Posted by bturman on 3/4/2010 10:42 AM

Forum: Give this Guy a Brake 24

A Vital member needs some advice on brakes. Can you help him?

Posted by sspomer on 3/4/2010 8:42 AM

Blind Bobby's 4

Bobby McMullen is one of mountain biking's great characters. He can't see and probably rides gnarlier stuff than a lot of us. Check out his new site.

Posted by sspomer on 3/4/2010 8:24 AM

Video: "Oh My", Sam Pilgrim and Friends in California 8

Look at price tags? Where they do that at? Throw it in the bag and check out this killer clip of the Euro shredders in the U.S and A.

Posted by sspomer on 3/3/2010 11:31 AM

Win $250 with your Uploaded Videos!

All you have to do is UPLOAD your video to Vital MTB in March and you could be the winner of $250 and a Pro-Tec Kit. Remember, embedded videos are not eligible!

Posted by sspomer on 3/3/2010 11:16 AM

Here We Go Again, 19 of 25

Here We Go Again...When the phone rings at the DH Productions office, you never know who's on the other end...Count 'em down - only 6 more trailers until the premiere of Here We Go Again at Sea Otter, 2010.

Posted by sspomer on 3/3/2010 11:03 AM

2010 Team Giant/HBG Bike Check and Press Release 10

See what the 2010 Giant/HBG team will be riding this year at the downhill races.

Posted by sspomer on 3/3/2010 9:21 AM