Video: Highland's New Jumps 2

Highland Mountain Bike Park has some new jump trails and they shot them with a fancy cable cam set up to give you a peep at the whole line. On a completely unrelated note, workman's comp is a good idea, thanks labor unions of the early 1900s.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/29/2010 10:17 AM

Video: Nature Calls 2

Good riding and good shooting in this edit from Dark Timbers. And when you have an old Bolex Rx1 in your logo, I guess that also means "film burn" looking effects come with the territory.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/29/2010 10:11 AM

Ride Diary Update: Carbon Nomad & Fox DHX Air 6

Mark Fitzsimmons from Fox Racing Shox gives some insight into the DHX Air damper on the back of my Nomad.

Posted by sspomer on 6/29/2010 7:20 AM


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Giant Slalom Round 2 at Diablo 1

Get your swerve on with Giant Slalom at Diablo. George Ryan takes home the gold.

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 2:13 PM

MSC Round 4: Crested Butte. Mountaincross

Gated action from the Mountain States Cup at Crested Butte courtesy of Noah Sears.

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 11:18 AM

Inside the 2011 RockShox BoXXer World Cup 1

Tyler Morland, RockShox PR Manager and professional downhill pinner walks you through the 2011 BoXXer World Cup.

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 10:24 AM

Cam McCaul Wins 26Trix 2010

Congrats Cam! Check out the highlights from the event here.

Posted by bturman on 6/28/2010 8:19 AM

Video: 26Trix Day 1

This is day one at a big slopestyle event these days? Good gravey. Also, rack focus is the new selective color.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/28/2010 8:05 AM

Video: 2011 Orange Five

MTB Cut gives you a look at the new Orange Five. I know carbon V-10's and downhill dorkery is all the rage but how awesome are trail bikes getting too these days? Spoiler alert: very awesome.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/28/2010 8:02 AM

Video: 26Trix Highlights

Qualifying day from the 26Trix blasting contest at Leogang. Goods!

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 7:38 AM

Video: Halo BDS Llangollen 2010 1

Sit back and hold on. This stuff is steep!

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 7:36 AM

ProGRT Northstar DH Results 9

Greg Minnaar continues his winning ways and Jill Kintner goes stomping on the women's field at Northstar. Expect a photo feature this week from our Aussie main man, Damian Breach.

Posted by sspomer on 6/28/2010 6:55 AM

Video: Dawn To Dusk 4

With tracks like these, I'd want to use all the available daylight to ride every day that my body would allow it. Looks like tons of fun.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/27/2010 10:25 AM

Video: Street Coast Jam 2010

Adam Hauck takes the big win in this low key street shred sesh.

Posted by bturman on 6/27/2010 6:52 AM

Video of the Month Assignment: Downhill 3

The best downhill video uploaded in June gets $250 and a Pro-Tec Pro Kit. Only 5 days left for this assignment, so get crackin'!

Posted by sspomer on 6/26/2010 8:15 AM

Trek World Racing In Pursuit, Episode 4 1

This one's all DH!

Posted by bturman on 6/26/2010 6:52 AM

Video: Iggy Strbac 1

Iggy shreds, and he has 4 consonants side-by-side in his last name. That's cool.

Posted by bturman on 6/26/2010 6:48 AM

Video: Specialized At Leogang

The team was down one Sam for the weekend but Troy is starting to find his rhythm and Fairclough is always fun to watch. Here's the re-cap for Monster Specialized from Lawlor.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/26/2010 6:07 AM

Video: Allan Findlay- Dark Timbers 5

Some more stuff from Dark Timbers, Allan Findlay this time ripping some trails and a good looking huck spot at the end.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/25/2010 8:21 AM

Video: Claymore Is Coming

The Claymore Challenge is right around the corner. Get excited for giant jumps and huge tricks.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/25/2010 8:15 AM

Course Photos: US National Champs 4X Track 5

The 2010 US National Championship 4X course is shaping up and the Conundrum is back to make your head explode. Check out the pics from SolVista.

Posted by sspomer on 6/24/2010 8:03 PM

Highland Mountain Bike Park - Ayr Academy Coaches

Highland Mountain Bike Park's Ayr Academy has some great coaches this year! Check out their action in this cool video.

Posted by sspomer on 6/24/2010 8:00 PM

Presenting the Dartmoor Shine DJ/SS Bike

Dartmoor recently came out with a full suspension dirt jump/slopestyle frame with a BB-centric pivot, which allows you to rock singlespeed without a tensioner. Learn more about it here.

Posted by bturman on 6/24/2010 11:18 AM

Video: Banshee Legend MkII 4

Aaron 'LaROCK' put together this sweet edit of Strahan Loken schralping a loamy trail.

Posted by bturman on 6/24/2010 9:43 AM

Video: A Foggy Sunday 1

Shredding in the fog. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/24/2010 9:20 AM

Press Release: Specialized Announces Support of AllRide 6

It's official - Voreis and the AllRide crew are on Specialized for 2010.

Posted by bturman on 6/24/2010 8:21 AM

Course Preview: ProGRT #3 Northstar at Tahoe 6

This weekend is the third stop on the ProGRT series, and it's going to be a BIG weekend in terms of racers! Peaty, Minnaar, Riffle, Kieran, Bryn, Kintner, Buhl, Pruitt, and Donovan will very likely be in attendance... Check out the course inside.

Posted by bturman on 6/23/2010 8:53 PM

Yeti Dispatch: WC#3 Leogang 4

It was another big week for the Yeti / Fox Racing Shox team with Jared Graves finishing first (again) in the 4x finals and American sensation, Aaron Gwin finishing 3rd in DH.

Posted by bturman on 6/23/2010 11:42 AM

Video: Bromont Helmet Cam 6

Helmet cams have a funny way of making any trail look flat and stupid. But these Bromont trails are helmet cam immune and look fun as hell anyway.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/23/2010 11:16 AM

Video: Sean Anderson Films - Demo Reel 2010 8

Lots of Aussie goodness for your viewing pleasure.

Posted by bturman on 6/23/2010 10:56 AM

Video: Mick Hannah's Leogang World Cup Practice Run 7

The guys over at Epic Action Cam just sent over some POV footage of the Leogang World Cup track. You've seen it from the spectator's view, now take a first person ride down the course with Sick Mick. It's pretty gnarly.

Posted by bturman on 6/23/2010 8:33 AM

Video: Leogang DH Finals by TriRide 1

Took a little while, but this World Cup edit is pretty rad.

Posted by bturman on 6/23/2010 6:06 AM

First Ride: Santa Cruz Carbon V10 35

Guess what I did in Whistler today? I got to shred this BLINGED OUT Santa Cruz Carbon V10 with a boatload of new and prototype parts. Here are some pics to tide you over until the full report comes out after some more shredding tomorrow.

Posted by sspomer on 6/22/2010 5:27 PM

Video: Chain Reaction In Leogang

Simmonds places top ten, Matti's poor bike survives with some patch work to finish 9th, and as far as I can tell, Kovarik reigns supreme as king of the pits. Here's the wrap up video from CRC in Leopgang.

Posted by k.shiz on 6/22/2010 4:55 PM

Coastal Crew Episode 9: Coast to Coast 2

The crew hits Oregon then heads home to the coast of BC.

Posted by bturman on 6/22/2010 8:25 AM

Leogang World Cup 4X and DH Replay

DId you miss the LIVE action this past weekend? Thanks to Freecaster, you can relive it here, minute by minute.

Posted by bturman on 6/22/2010 8:03 AM