Sweet Member Video Steez 7

Vital MTB Member "wink" throws it down on his trails! STEEZY!

Posted by sspomer on 10/12/2009 7:35 AM

Waylon Smith Wins Red Bull Burner 12 Hour DH Race 12

50,000 vertical feet, 33 laps and nearly 12 hours of downhilling later, Waylon Smith takes the endurance win at Angel Fire. Check out the press release here with a Vital MTB feature later this week! Gnarly!

Posted by sspomer on 10/12/2009 7:31 AM

Thomas Vanderham Pro Components Video 1

Anthill just put up a video featuring Thomas Vanderham using Pro Components.

Posted by sspomer on 10/10/2009 8:05 AM


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Fullpipe Filming Failure 4

Sometimes things don't go your way, but they are still cool. Eric Porter creates a rip in the time-space continuum, travels through time and then returns.

Posted by sspomer on 10/10/2009 7:57 AM

Are you a Vital MTB Facebook Fan?

Be a Vital MTB Facebook fan, then tell your friends to be fans, so they can tell their friends to be fans, then everyone will be fans!

Posted by sspomer on 10/8/2009 7:56 PM

It's getting cold, buy a Vital Beanie

Like mom always said, you lose 482% of all heat from your head. Prevention saves lives.

Posted by sspomer on 10/8/2009 7:50 PM

POV, Ian Hylands Style 3

Ian Hylands has been shooting POV images with bike-mounted cameras for 10 years. He shares his images and experiences in the next chapter of Vital MTB's series on POV photography.

Posted by sspomer on 10/8/2009 6:05 AM

Discussion: ACL Tears and Recovery 21

Vital member, FCTRY, recently under went reconstructive surgery on his knee and brought up a discussion about recovery. What's your experience with knee injuries, surgery and recovery?

Posted by sspomer on 10/7/2009 8:17 PM

How to Manual with Aaron Chase 4

Fat Joe says, "Lean back," but Aaron Chase gives you a little more insight when it comes to learning to manual. Check it.

Posted by sspomer on 10/7/2009 6:18 PM

Plus Size Mega Session at Woodward, Lakewood.

Big and small wheels shred together at Woodward Park in Lakewood, CO thanks to Plus Size BMX. Get in there October 18th, 6-9pm for a good time shredding with live DJ, drinks, food and prizes. Only $10!

Posted by sspomer on 10/7/2009 6:35 AM

Member Photo Album: Long Nguyen

Vital MTB is getting so many awesome photos added every day that we have to feature some, right? Long Nguyen's gallery stands out with 21 killer shots.

Posted by sspomer on 10/7/2009 6:29 AM

Darcy and Wade in Willingen 1

Canadian invasion in Germany! Darcy Turenne and Wade Simmons schralp the Willingen Bike Festival. If you were unaware, Wade rules and there are 5:3 odds that Darcy will be surfing tomorrow.

Posted by sspomer on 10/6/2009 6:34 PM

Autumn Air 9

Sick trails and golden aspen trees make an afternoon outside of Pueblo, Colorado as good as it gets.

Posted by sspomer on 10/6/2009 8:30 AM

Jump Jam Cancelled - Valmont Bike Park Groundbreaking

FYI, the jump jam isn't going to happen at the Valmont Bike Park Groundbreaking. There will still be a CX event and good times, so go support the effort even if you can't get in the air.

Posted by sspomer on 10/6/2009 6:45 AM

Video: Clemson Collegiate DH and Slalom 5

Check out the goods from this South Carolina collegiate event. Good times.

Posted by sspomer on 10/6/2009 6:38 AM

George Ryan and the New Slayer-edition Vans! 4

"Adventures of George Ryan" Episode 6 : Slayer. GR laces up his new Slayer edition Vans shoes, and hits the trail called Slayer at Diablo Freeride Park. Guess the soundtrack!

Posted by sspomer on 10/5/2009 6:08 PM

Race for Tara 3 at Northstar this Weekend 10

Get to Northstar this weekend and get your race on to help raise money for the Tara Llanes Road to Recovery Fund and the Christopher Reeve Spinal Cord Research Center.

Posted by sspomer on 10/5/2009 6:08 AM

Bromont Downhill Goodness

The Trumpore brothers fulfill some fall frothing with a sweet vid shot at Bromont this past weekend.

Posted by sspomer on 10/5/2009 5:58 AM

Video: Martin Söderström 2009 Season Recap 5

Just watch this video and start your week off proper, son!

Posted by sspomer on 10/5/2009 5:52 AM

Sticker Contests - Win Free Vital Stuff! 11

Don't forget, there are 2 sticker contests going on. An envelope art contest and a creative sticker placement contest. Get all the details inside and keep sending those SASE's for your free stickers. Contest winners get Vital MTB shirts, beanies and more stickers!

Posted by sspomer on 10/2/2009 7:03 AM

Member Photo Album: Ross Measures

Pro shredder, Ross Measures oozes style and this photo gallery he uploaded has 20 photos from camera-slayer, Harookz, to prove it. Yeah Ross!

Posted by sspomer on 10/2/2009 6:51 AM

Antonym: Kirt Voreis 1

T.Sage had the full Antonym trailer on his iPhone at Interbike and it was sick and you're bumming if you didnt' see it. For now, you'll have to settle for a comedic dose of Kirt "Karoake" Voreis.

Posted by sspomer on 10/2/2009 6:45 AM

The Atherton Project 10 1

You know what's coming...hijinx, good riding, good filming and lots of laughs with the Atherton clan.

Posted by sspomer on 10/1/2009 12:28 PM

Bryn Atkinson and Jill Kintner at Mount Hood 5

Bryn and Jill get speedy at Mount Hood in this fun video. 40.7mph to be exact!

Posted by sspomer on 10/1/2009 7:46 AM

The Sundbaums Tattoo Wilson with the Haro Logo 3

How bad do you want it? Phil and Andy Sundbaum tattoo team mate Wilson with a HUGE Haro logo so he can earn a trip to Interbike. Then they do a little riding at Renton and Fenwick skateparks.

Posted by sspomer on 10/1/2009 6:44 AM

Member Blog: Pumptrack Diary

Member "Budano" just posted up a cool Vital MTB blog about the construction of his new pumptrack. Well done! As Vital MTB member, you can create stories and blog posts like this as well as upload your photos and videos!

Posted by sspomer on 9/30/2009 4:00 PM

Save Apex Park in Golden, Colorado

Apex Park in Golden, Colorado, a long-time staple of mountain biking on the Front Range, is at risk for limited two-wheeled usage. Do your part by making your voice heard through email and attending the local government meeting on Thursday, October 1. Info inside.

Posted by sspomer on 9/30/2009 9:21 AM

hieroglyphFX Frame Graphic Kits 8

Sean "Griz" McClendon just posted up a press release about his new graphics company called hieroglyphFX. Get your whip customized!

Posted by sspomer on 9/30/2009 7:00 AM

The Public Option 17

Finally, Kidwoo comes through, even though his bottom bracket is too low to be any good. A killer hella norcal trails video. Check it! Thanks Kevin!

Posted by sspomer on 9/30/2009 6:48 AM

ANTI Days of Thunder Teaser 5

Those Scanners sure do know how to keep the stoke level at maximum!

Posted by sspomer on 9/30/2009 6:46 AM

Singletrack Schralping, POV Style 1

I took a nice little ride this morning (yes, we here at Vital MTB ride XC and even promote it) and played with some bike-mounted camera angles. Inside you'll find the photos that resulted and what was used to make the shots. Enjoy. Colorado rules in the fall!

Posted by sspomer on 9/29/2009 1:38 PM

Mini-Slopestyle Course Ideas? 15

Got ideas for a mini-slopestyle course? Share 'em here in this forum thread.

Posted by sspomer on 9/29/2009 7:34 AM

Member Photo Album: AlanHepburn

Some killer images of member AlanHepburn posted up here. Share your shots and post your thoughts!

Posted by sspomer on 9/29/2009 7:31 AM

Allout Productions Highlight Reel 5

Epic eye-popping action from Theo and Allout. Get your day started!

Posted by sspomer on 9/29/2009 7:27 AM

Shimano Saint Video 2

A new, high-quality video from Shimano highlighting Saint brakes.

Posted by sspomer on 9/29/2009 7:25 AM

Yeti Cycles Website Goodness

Yeti just put up their 2010 bikes and features pages on their site. FINALLY someone else is utilizing audio in the mountain bike world! Well done, Craig and Reynaldo.

Posted by sspomer on 9/28/2009 11:47 AM