Vital MTB Crew

Shawn Spomer

Location: Ventucky

First Bike: AMF Hawk 2 BMX bike with 2-speed shifting

Years in MTB: 20

Current Favorite Bike: Santa Cruz 5010c

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Lost Lake trails in Whistler

Bucketlist Ride Destination: Rotorua looks like a blast

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: Kovarik

Favorite Taco Bell Item: Kay Suh Dillah

Interests outside of MTB: My family, skating and surfing.

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Brandon Turman

Location: Chasing hero dirt on the open road with an amazing gal and our trail dog in training. You'll find us somewhere warm with good trails nearby.

First Bike: Kawasaki Green Special from Walmart

Years in MTB: 16

Current Favorite Bike: You name the trail, I'll tell you which bike.

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Retallack, British Columbia, Canada

Bucketlist Ride Destination: Madeira Island, Portugal

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: The Karver!

Favorite Taco Bell Item: Gross

Interests outside of MTB: Always up for an adventure, big or small.

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Johan Hjord

Location: The Internet

First Bike: A banana seat cruiser with ape hangers and a 2-speed gearbox, shifter on the top tube

Years in MTB: 10

Current Favorite Bike: YT Capra

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Home Trails

Bucketlist Ride Destination: New Zealand

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: SAM HILL MOTHERFUCKER

Favorite Taco Bell Item: I can’t choose only one! C’mon!

Interests outside of MTB: There are such things?

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Fred Robinson

Location: San Diego, CA

First Bike: 2002 Banshee Scream

Years in MTB: 10

Current Favorite Bike: Scott Gambler

Current Favorite Riding Spot: Trinidad, CO

Bucketlist Ride Destination: Champery, CH

Pick a Fave - Kovarik, Sam or Rennie: Sam F'n Hill

Favorite Taco Bell Item: Mountain Dew?

Interests outside of MTB: Playing/recording music

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