What is Enduro Mountain Biking? 15

So just what is #Enduro? Find out in this super serious and highly informative video.


Credit: Nick Soloninja
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  • Trebelhornc

    2/4/2014 5:21 PM

    Hahaha I love the humor of this video.
    Don't be too sensitive people!!

  • Lalena

    2/3/2014 8:23 PM

    Dirk.... I think that's the point... ala tongue and cheek. *sigh* people are way to sensitive.

  • lev

    2/1/2014 11:44 PM

    I think making fun of disabled people would be off, but I don't think taking the piss out of a current trend matters. And that's from someone who has always been Enduro (apart from when I was Freeride).

  • Dirk77

    2/1/2014 3:21 PM

    Lame! Go ride your bikes and stop trying to be cool by making fun of others.. no one cares about other riding labels, xc/dh/am/trail. Why do the "cool" people spend so much effort making fun of this label?

  • angelo212

    2/7/2014 11:33 AM

    DUDE! Is your comment enduro?

  • erik saunders

    1/31/2014 1:53 PM

    Yo nick. When did you go Enduro bro? It looks good on you....

  • lucus.olson

    1/31/2014 12:25 PM

    Oh you Front Range Denver Kids... Go Team Rudeboy!

  • Yuroshek

    1/31/2014 11:54 AM

    I wanna race DH again. #screwenduro

  • bstens

    1/31/2014 11:33 AM

    go smoke another joint! MOUNTAIN DEW

  • Nicholast

    1/31/2014 10:40 AM

    Meh. It would probably be funnier if we knew the guys personally, but without that, the jokes missed their mark. Plus, the what-is-enduro and enduro-craze skits are little overplayed, IMO.

  • ianjenn

    1/31/2014 10:07 AM

    Its what we called mountain biking up until about 4 years ago. Riding your bike up for the joy of going down has been happening since the very early 1980's.......

  • Rob_Stevenson

    1/31/2014 9:51 AM

    All sounds very familiar...

  • SparkyMMI

    1/31/2014 9:48 AM

    Consarnit! I've been enduroing wrong! I guess I must have been Super-Ding.

  • Pininator

    1/31/2014 11:47 AM


  • BMEnduro

    1/31/2014 9:46 AM

    I need to get some 650 cc wheels!! #enduro-ing

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