Watch Out World Cuppers! 16-Year-Old Laurie Greenland is Coming for You 5

Laurie Greenland is a name you might not have heard much about yet, but that is the operative word here: YET.

At just 16 years of age and hailing from Bristol, England, he's just signed with 23 Degrees - a brand who has managed most of the top names in our sport, including Gwin, Minnaar, Blenki, etc. The lad is poised to go from nowhere to somewhere over the next year.

Laurie was one of the course sweeps at the final round of the 2013 World Cup series in Norway, a chance to try out the real pace of a World Cup, ride with some of the top guys and see what a true World class course has to offer someone that is barely taller than his bars. He loved it, was on great form and the racers couldn’t get over how fast and smooth he looked. No pressure on his shoulders at all, but he is certainly someone with promise, and has the drive and ambition to give it his all.

We caught up with him at home for a few days this autumn on his local trails in south Wales and found out where he started and what makes him tick. The riding on his door step is next to none - varied, tech, fast, uplifts... When you put that with a lot of BMX racing at a national level, it just adds up to him being able to ride a bike really well. A real talent on the bike and a super nice kid, give the video a watch and see why we wanted to make it.

Credit: Aspect Media

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