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  • FatNuts

    3/29/2010 4:18 PM

    I just like how he strokes his seat.

  • foxrider18

    3/29/2010 9:13 AM

    So sick!

  • MmmBones

    2/11/2010 1:47 AM

    booyah. UK Scrumplees. Whobahwah?

  • CaptyvateMedia

    2/10/2010 2:39 PM

    This guy is really fast and has a such a nice style, but I hate the way you Brits talk... haha

  • k.shiz

    2/9/2010 11:21 AM

    it's just that everyone in the UK is gunning for your position Dirt HQ.

    bennie- "sponsorship" with an o. just some friendly grammar policing.

  • benniewong

    2/9/2010 8:27 AM

    nice collective style start there but i think you should keep the talking to a minimum, esspecially sponsership stuff.
    i know he needs to promote the brands he rides for but, i dont really want to sit here listening to his 'disaster season, at A&E'....unless he is one of the top guys like steve, gee,etc....(although he is a pinnur)

    i dont mean to be rude atall, and like the video, i make some little films myself and am offering constructive critisim.


  • Dirt HQ

    2/9/2010 7:27 AM

    Just wondering, do US riders shoot videos? Everyman and his dog are out in the UK woods with a camcorder, cheese sandwich and flask of tea capturing the action.

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