The Sensus Boys Slap Some Ruts with the Locs 6

Nothing better than getting loose and having some good times with your buds.

Credit: Lostboyz Film
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  • Big Bird

    12/6/2016 5:47 PM

    Looks like Santa Cruz, but not a trail that I know. The Boys have been busy. Well done Boys.

  • easton

    12/6/2016 4:00 PM

    All time loam and all time music

  • dirty booger

    12/6/2016 3:58 PM

    Should've slapped those "locs" instead.....maybe knock some sensus into them.

  • YT USA

    12/6/2016 2:26 PM

    We let Ray out of the office for one weekend...ONE WEEKEND and this is what happens...

  • FredLikesTrikes

    12/6/2016 7:14 PM

    It gets him his bike back!

  • ctbiker888

    12/6/2016 12:59 PM