The Rider & The Wolf 6

Crested Butte in 1980 still echoed with the hammers of miners, not the rumble of knobby tires on singletrack. But that was about to change as a young blue-eyed man named Mike Rust wrenched madly, transforming old Schwinn cruiser bikes into some of Colorado's first mountain bikes. When the Californians like Gary Fisher and Joe Breeze arrived to test their fancy new bikes on CB's storied terrain, Rust was ready and spun his way uphill into the ranks of the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Like fresh raw singletrack, Rust cut a path through Colorado's early days of mountain biking in a swirl of dust mixing innovation, independence, irreverence and a band of Irish brothers into America's true wild west.

Nearly 5 years ago, some men broke into his off-the-grid house near Saguache Colorado. He chased them down and must have caught them. He has never been seen again. Mystery never solved. Body never found.

Shot in 4K on a Red Epic, combined with creative narrative and archival footage, The Rider and The Wolf is part of the new wave of adventure films. It's not your normal bike film. There is no big air. No suspension. Just pure roots.

The film will come out in January 2014 and be shown in theaters in bike towns on road tour as well as at film festivals. Anybody wishing to host screenings can get in touch too (details on the web page below).

Details will be available on in the next month.

Credit: Grit and Thistle Film Company

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